The high cost of college has many potential students wondering if they can work while seeking a master’s in nursing online. The good news is that it’s very possible to earn a degree online and continue to work. Schools generally do not have any objections to their students working while earning the degree. It’s all up to the individual and they need to determine if it’s feasible to do both.

Are You Motivated?

Motivation is an important part of earning a degree whether it’s an on-campus program or an online program. However, online programs require more motivation because students are expected to learn and study on their own. On-campus students attend a class every day because the instructors require it.

MoNobody knows better than the student does if they’re capable of being self-motivated. Motivating themselves to log on the course regularly when working part- or full-time can be difficult and takes dedication and motivation.

How Will it Affect Financial Aid?

Nursing school can be very expensive whether it’s an online program or a traditional on-campus program. Very few students can complete the program without needing some kind of financial aid. Financial aid does have specific requirements regarding eligibility. Colleges can vary in their requirements, but most require that the student complete a certain number of credits each semester to continue to be eligible for financial aid. Aspiring online nursing students should inquire into the school’s financial aid policies before enrolling or getting a job.

Is the Program Flexible Enough?

Online programs allow students to study at their own pace and many offer flexibility to do this around work schedules and other home obligations. This flexibility may mean late night study sessions at the library or early morning course work in the comfort of the student’s home. Not every program offers the same flexibility. Some programs require some on-sites to present projects or complete hands-on learning. Therefore, students should learn all they can about online programs they are considering.

Advantages of earning a Master’s in Nursing Online

There are many advantages to earning a Master’s in Nursing online. Some of these include:

  • Same curriculum and instructors as traditional brick-and-mortar schools
  • Deceased expenses (e.g. lodging, gas for commuting, online textbooks)
  • Continue to work and meet other family obligations while continuing to study and earn a degree
  • Complete any necessary clinical rotations close to home
  • May complete the program at your pace

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There are many benefits to earning a Master’s in Nursing degree with higher wages at the top of the list according to Nurse Journal. The ability to continue to work while seeking a Master’s in Nursing online allows students to continue earning a living while obtaining work experience that may be beneficial in advancing in their careers.