For aspiring IT professionals, there are plenty of reasons to earn your information technology degree online. Choosing this educational path means that you will develop the skills and attain the industry certifications you need to enhance your career prospects while still enjoying the flexibility and affordability of online learning. Below you’ll find just five of the many reasons students often choose to earn an IT degree online.

1. Academic Options

When you study online, you’re not limited to the schools that are close enough for you to commute to on a regular basis. You don’t have to uproot your life so you can move across the country to study for four years. Due to the nature of online classes, you can complete your studies from virtually anywhere there’s an Internet connection. That means you can choose the degree program that best fits your needs and interests, regardless of where the campus is located.

Studying online doesn’t just mean you have a wider variety of schools to choose from. Many online IT degree programs offer academic flexibility that allows students to pursue in-depth studies in the areas of information technology that most interest them. Having the opportunity to choose from a variety of specializations and take the courses most relevant to your career goals is one of the main reasons to earn your information technology degree online.

2. Convenience

Of course, another of the most important reasons to earn your information technology degree online is the convenience of distance learning. In an online degree program, students often have the chance to complete their lessons and coursework on their schedule and from their preferred environment. Full-time workers can study before starting their workdays, and busy parents can study after they put the kids to bed at night.

3. Affordability

Saving money is another reason to earn your information technology degree online. Online college is often – though not always – more affordable than a traditional on-campus education. In fact, the tuition cost for earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology is as low as a few hundred dollars per credit at some of the best and most affordable IT degree programs in the nation.

4. Job Opportunities

Information technology skills lend themselves well to a number of industries, ranging from computer systems design to education, finance and telecommunications. Many of the careers available to candidates with an online bachelor’s degree in IT pay well and are experiencing a high rate of job growth, according to U.S. News & World Report.

5. Industry Certification

Some online degree programs, like Western Governors University’s online IT program, lead to industry certifications upon completion. These certifications can demonstrate a candidate’s skills to prospective employers, making the individual a more appealing job candidate.

Given all of the reasons to earn your information technology degree online – and the suitability of using technology to study technology – it’s clear that there are many benefits to a distance learning IT education.