While the computer systems design industry might seem like the most direct educational path for a candidate with an IT degree, there are plenty of other industries where information technology degrees are in-demand. The need for efficient and secure computer technology systems exists in nearly every industry today. Information technology degrees are valuable to a wide range of industries such as the following, according to U.S. News & World Report. 

1. Finance and insurance

One of the industries where information technology degrees are in-demand is finance and insurance. These industries need to keep financial and personal data organized and secure, and they have to keep their businesses running efficiently to maximize profits. Job opportunities for IT professionals in the finance industry often include business analyst, technical support analyst, applications architect, data analyst, network administrator and developer.

 2. Education

Education is another one of the industries where information technology degrees are in-demand. You might hear this career path referred to as instructional technology or educational technology. IT professionals who work in the field of education often take on roles such as online learning specialist, instructional designer, technology coordinator, computer learning lab coordinator, course developer and technology integration specialist.

 3. Manufacturing

You might not necessarily associate the manufacturing industry with high-tech practices, but maybe you should. The position of Information Technology Manager happens to be the best-paying job in the manufacturing industry, according to job search website Monster. Like other industries, manufacturing requires someone to set up a company’s computer technology systems and keep those systems secure and working efficiently.

 4. Telecommunications

Telecommunications, the industry that provides communications via telephone, broadcasting and cable, is another of the industries where information technology degrees are in-demand. Technology is integral to communication through these channels, so it’s no surprised that the businesses working in this industry have a need for skilled information technology professionals. Some IT roles commonly found in the telecommunications industry include data center operations manager, director of information technology, technology support analyst and information security specialist.

 5. Data processing and hosting

Data processing companies naturally need to keep data organized and safe from hackers. To do this, they rely on information technology professionals who can build and maintain databases, develop efficient software applications, implement strategies to avoid cybersecurity threats and provide technical support when needed. Some job information technology titles found in the data processing and hosting industry include data processing technician, data processing specialist, manager of information processing infrastructure, information technology security engineer, information technology support specialist and information technology manager.

Whether you would prefer to work in computer systems design, finance, education, manufacturing, telecommunications or data processing, having an IT degree means that you’re likely to find a positive job outlook. The number of industries where information technology degrees are in-demand means that you have plenty of choices about the industry and organization you will work for as an IT professional.