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Degree Programs Offered at Wofford College

Wofford College appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Technologically Advanced Small Colleges.

Wofford College offers majors, minors and pre-professional programs for undergraduate students. In the pre-law programs, students take classes in government, history and political science. They also have the chance to prepare for the law school admissions exam. The pre-medical program designed by the college helps students prepare for medical school and offers help as they apply for those schools. Some of the college’s other pre-professional programs allow students to study engineering, dentistry, ministry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.

The college offers two special programs that combine elements of its pre-professional and traditional degree programs. One is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who do not want to pick a single major. It includes courses on analytics, research, and communications. Majors develop the skills the Notre Dame and other major schools look for in graduate students. Wofford College offers a program in medicine and the liberal arts too that teaches students how to deal with more than just medicine in health care situations. Majors can take courses such as History of Medicine, Introduction to Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Global Health and Religion, and Medicine.

Undergrads can choose from 27 traditional majors too. The sociology and anthropology major teaches students how to collect and analyze data in the social justice field. Introduction to Anthropology and Social Anthropology, Ethnography and Social Research are classes available in this program. Students who major in German, French and other foreign languages have the chance to study abroad through the college. The Chinese major features Chinese Culture and Film, Modern China, Low Advanced Chinese and Art of China. Students can choose a cultural or language track, both of which require that they demonstrate their language skills before they can graduate.

The college also offers degrees in science and business. In the computer science program, students can apply for a spot in the honors track and take advanced courses. The environmental studies program includes both a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) track. Both include a final capstone and courses such as Introduction to Environmental Social Science, Developing the Capstone Proposal and Hydrology and Water Resources. Some of the classes that business majors take include Business Law, Business Finance, Financial Statement Analysis and Principles of Microeconomics.

About Wofford College

Wofford College is a private college in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Founded in 1858 after Reverend Benjamin Wofford donated funds to build a new college, it named the campus in his honor. While Forbes included Wofford on a list of the best colleges in the United States, U.S. News and World Report ranks it among the nation’s top liberal arts schools. Nearly 80 percent of its students graduate within four years, and this figure rises to more than 80 percent within six years. ONE and other programs offer service-learning options for students that allow them to volunteer in South Carolina and other areas. Wofford College has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church.

Wofford College Accreditation Details

Wofford College has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has retained that accreditation since the late 19th century. Nine colleges came together to develop an organization that could accredit schools in the south in 1895, one of which was Wofford. This is the accreditation that allows students who cannot afford college to use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and get a package that covers some or all of their costs. With SACS accreditation, students can transfer credits to Wofford that they earned in the past and take Wofford credits to another campus.

Wofford College Application Requirements

Prospective students can take a campus tour and meet with an admissions tour guide. That guide will take them around the campus and show them where they will live and study as well as answer all their questions. Students can also meet their admissions counselors online. Those counselors are responsible for making sure that students understand the application process and that they submit all their required documents. The college accepts more than 70 percent of the students who apply annually.

Wofford has two early action deadlines for applications of November first and November 15. Students need to submit the FAFSA on the same date when applying by the first deadline and by the first of January if they use the second deadline. Students have until December 15 or May first to accept their financial aid packages and the college’s decision. The college’s regular deadline for applications is January 15, which gives students until the beginning of January to submit the FAFSA. They will get a response from Wofford by March first and can respond up through the beginning of May. With their decision letters, they also need to pay their enrollment deposits. Wofford asks for a paper application or an online application through the Common Application, a school report form, and a high school transcript. Sending in a standardized test score is optional.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Wofford College requires that students put down a $500 enrollment deposit before they start classes, which it reduces to $300 for those who will commute to the campus. They pay $45,170 per year for their tuition and fees. The college divides their tuition into two separate payments that are due at the beginning of the semester for students who do not qualify for financial aid. Students pay an average of $7,275 each term for their dorm rooms and meal plans. Wofford has different meal plans that can affect the student’s overall cost. These costs do not include the $250 damage deposit that students must pay. If they leave their rooms clean and without damage, they will get the deposit back.

Once the college receives the FAFSA, it can build a financial aid package that includes state and federal aid. South Carolina residents can get a tuition grant of up to $3,500 and a $2,800 Hope scholarship. Nearly 90 percent of students who live in the state will qualify for at least one of these programs. All students can apply for one of the college’s special scholarships, including those based on their merit and one for students who did volunteer work in the past. Wofford College awards students in its degree programs some financial aid but requires a separate application for a few of its scholarships.