is wilmington university an accredited college

Degrees at Wilmington University

Wilmington University appears in our ranking of the 50 Accelerated Masters in Sports Management Online.

Wilmington University offers almost 100 degree and certificate programs at its main campus in New Castle and its smaller campus locations in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. There are seven main divisions within the university that include the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Business, and the College of Health Professions.

Other divisions include the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, the College of Technology, and the College of Online & Experiential Learning. More than 40 percent of the student population at Wilmington University is enrolled in the College of Online & Experiential Learning. Popular programs at Wilmington University include those in nursing, the behavioral sciences, business, criminal justice, and psychology.

The university has an expansive online degree division where students can transfer up to 90 credits into their program and receive the same support from the university as traditional campus students. Online degrees are available without any on-campus learning requirements and include associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs.

Some of the undergraduate programs available include accounting, communication, digital media, and education studies. Many programs have multiple concentrations and subjects for students to pursue. For example, communication students can choose media communication or integrated marketing communications as their focus. Education studies students may choose early childhood education, elementary education, middle-level education, or skilled & technical sciences.

For graduate students, degree options include business administration, education, homeland security, and management. Some of the specific areas available for concentration within the university’s popular homeland security programs include information assurance, organizational leadership, safety & security, and military leadership. Students can also pursue doctorates in similar areas like business and education.

There are also a wealth of interesting subjects available as online certificates, and certificates are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. One option is the Graphic Design Certificate, which requires completion of five classes that include Basic InDesign, Basic Photoshop, and Vector Drawing.

Another certificate option is the Graduate Certificate in Case Management for Human Services, which requires completion of five classes that include Ethical Practice in Case Management and Law and Practice in Human Services. Students can also pursue an Undergraduate Certificate in Java Programming by completing five classes that include Database Foundations and Java Programming I.

About Wilmington University

Wilmington University is located in New Castle, Delaware, and has been in operation since 1968. The university was originally known as Wilmington College and would achieve university status in 2007. The private school is also considered a research university and has an endowment of $92 million. The official colors of the school are green and white. Approximately 20,500 students are enrolled in classes at the university.

There are 16 varsity teams that play at Wilmington University that include seven men’s teams and nine women’s teams. Teams include baseball, basketball, bowling, cross country, and golf, as well as several others. The school’s mascot is Wiley D. Wildcat, and students are nicknamed the Wildcats. The men’s baseball team won the NCAA Division II East Regional Championships in 2015, and the men’s golf team won titles in 2012 and 2015.

Wilmington University Accreditation Details

Wilmington University has earned regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Regional accreditation is approval for the overall university, and Wilmington University was first accredited in 1975. It has maintained accreditation since that time and last underwent reaccreditation in 2015. The federal government has approved the institution for the training of eligible veterans of the armed forces. Some of the programs and divisions at the university have received additional accolades and approvals from discipline-specific organizations.

The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education has approved the College of Business. The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation has approved programs within the College of Education. Programs within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences have received approvals from the American Bar Association and the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs.

Wilmington University Application Requirements

There are four steps to the admissions process for undergraduate students at Wilmington University. Students will complete the undergraduate application and send a $35 application fee, send official transcripts, submit an immunization record, and submit an RN License if the student is enrolling in the RN-to-BSN program. Students aren’t required to submit standardized test scores, but they may receive an exemption from placement tests by submitting their scores.

Graduate students who want to apply to Wilmington University will submit similar materials but may also need to submit program-specific documents. Overall, prospective graduate students will submit a completed graduate application, a $35 application fee, official transcripts from the student’s bachelor’s degree program, and an immunization record. Students must also participate in a program planning conference and are not required to submit standardized test scores from the GRE or GMAT.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Wilmington University undergraduate tuition ranges between $250 and $381 per credit and is based on the location a student attends. Online and distance learning students pay $381 per credit hour. Students may also pay fees for challenge-by-exam, prior learning assessments, undergraduate audits, and internships. Some of the courses offered by the university in areas like education and English have reduced tuition rates.

For graduate tuition, the rate varies from $300 to $488 per credit and is based on the student’s classroom location and status. Most locations are $488 per credit, and international students pay $537 per credit. Active duty service members pay $300 per credit. There are also some classes in areas like education and medicine with reduced tuition rates, as well as some fees for prior learning credits that students may need to pay.

Students may receive up to three types of federal student aid that include grants, loans, or work-study awards. Students must send their information to the federal government through its official FAFSA form to qualify for federal student aid at Wilmington University. Applicants should use the university’s official school code of 007948 to ensure their details are forwarded to the university for review.

During their time spent enrolled for classes at Wilmington University, students must maintain their eligibility by maintaining a minimum of half-time enrollment status, as well as satisfactory academic progress toward their degree each year. Students must submit a new financial aid application each year they want to remain enrolled at Wilmington University and receive federal student aid.