The University of Northwestern Ohio prides itself on providing an affordable education to students of all backgrounds. By offering degrees in up and coming areas and allowing for flexibility of learning, the university aims to educate the next generation of technology and business leaders.

The university’s commitment to academics is inherent in every single class it provides. In every class, students will be supported to achieve academic success that will also promote lifelong learning and personal growth. The university hopes to educate its students to become exceptional communicators, critical thinkers and technologically competent.

University of Northwestern Ohio Accreditation Details

The University of Northwestern Ohio has been awarded accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and School.

Some of its business programs have also been awarded accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing degree is included in these accreditations.

The Health Information Technology program is pending the approval of accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education.

University of Northwestern Ohio Application Requirements

Students who wish to apply to join an undergraduate degree at the University of Northwestern Ohio must complete an online application to be considered for admission. This application must be accompanied by a $20 registration fee.

To apply for admission to the university, students must have proof that they have completed either a high school diploma or a GED.
After the application has been submitted, students will receive notification of one of two kinds of acceptance into the university. The first kind of acceptance is Full Acceptance, which means that a student can register at the university as a full-time student.

The second kind of acceptance is Conditional Acceptance, which means that the student is accepted only for one-quarter. If they meet the academic standards set during this time, they may be allowed to remain to complete the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The University of Northwestern Ohio is a private college that is committed to providing an affordable education to all of its students. As a result, the school does not charge out of state tuition fees to students. It also encourages students to apply for more types of financial aid. The school suggests that its students receive as much as $14 million in grants and scholarships every year.

Undergraduate degrees offered at the university all have different fees depending on the school they are involved in. The College of Applied Technologies offers 6-week sessions for $1,475.

Students who are studying on campus degrees in the fields of Business, Health or Occupational Professions will be assessed a fee of $205 per credit hour. Students who are studying online degrees will pay $265 for each credit hour. This fee applies to the Occupational Professions, Health Professions and degrees within the College of Business. Students studying the online MBA will be assessed a fee of $550 per credit hour.

The University of Northwester Ohio accepts the following forms of payment and financial aid:

• Military Support
• Scholarships
• Grants
• Private Loans

Online Degrees Available


The marketing degree from the University of Northwestern Ohio can be achieved in one of three forms. Students can choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree either in marketing or business administration with a marketing concentration. Students may also choose to complete an associate’s degree in marketing.

The marketing degree available from the university prepares students for the many different options that a career in marketing can bring. Whether the student has an interest in retail, public relations or working with manufacturing organizations, students are given the keys they need to succeed in this dynamic industry.

The students who pursue this degree will have the opportunity to work creatively on their computer skills and their communication skills. Between classroom learning and practical experience, successful students will walk away from this degree feeling confident about their skills in the field of marketing.

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Sports Marketing and Management

The University of Northwestern Ohio awards an associate degree in Sport Marketing in Management to students who can successfully complete all course requirements. The program is designed to provide students the business, management and leadership skills they need to begin or improve their career in sports business.

The curriculum developed for the program integrates current issues in global sports as well as theoretical classroom practice. The program notes that students can use the time during their degree to begin networking within the industry to gain a foothold before entering the workplace.

Some of the courses that students will take during their studies include:

• Sport Law
• History of Sport in the United States
• Managing Fitness Concepts
• Facility and Event Management
• Sport in Society
• Principles of Sports Management.

Health Information Technology

A degree in Health Information Technology provides students with the education and practical tools they need to enter an entry level career in the growing field of Health Information Technology. The skills students learn during this program are designed for the healthcare field but remain very versatile. From technology skills to management and leadership skills, students are provided with a well-rounded education during this program.

Students who achieve an Associate’s Degree in Health information Technology will have completed the following intended learning outcomes:

• Learn how to best organize and complete medical records and ensure they have all necessary information
• Understand the different technological processes involved in handling patient data
• Understand how the organization of patient data helps to keep costs down and improve care
• Learn the up to date codes required for both procedures and diagnoses

The typical graduate will find a job working in the dynamic environment of a hospital. However, jobs will also be found in medical offices, home health agencies, public health agencies, and mental health facilities and in nursing homes.

As a whole, the university is dedicated to providing quality and affordable education in fields that are rapidly growing. For students who are looking to enter a well-paid position in a fast growing area, the University of Northwestern Ohio provides them with the education and tools they need to reach their career goals.