Degrees Offered at University of Miami

The University of Miami appears in our ranking of the 50 Accelerated Masters in Sports Management Online.

The University of Miami offers degrees in about 10 categories. Students can pursue degrees in architecture, business, communication, marine and atmospheric sciences, arts and sciences, education, music and engineering to name but a few. The school also offers graduate programs in these subjects.

The school’s most popular majors include marketing, biological and biomedical sciences, management and social Sciences. The graduate school offers online degrees, allowing students to study at the University of Miami no matter where they are.

Academic opportunities abound at the University of Miami. This research university encourages students to engage in research early on. It’s not unusual to find researchers at the undergraduate level. The university admissions process is selective. Just over 30% of freshman applicants are accepted. Student-to-faculty ratios are low: 12:1, and the freshman retention rate is over 90%.

About University of Miami

The University of Miami sits on 239 acres and counts among the best universities in the United States. US News and World Report ranks the school 51st on its list of Best National Universities. It also ranks 30th on the list of Best Colleges for Veterans. The school is a private, semester-based school. Just under 12,000 students attend the university.

Students at the University of Miami are in an enviable position. They attend a school that’s near cool destinations, like the Florida Everglades, the Keys and South Beach. As such, they can take advantage of all sorts of outdoor recreational activities, like hiking and surfing in their off-time. Students also have the option of joining numerous clubs and organizations, including fraternities and sororities.

Students who live on campus enjoy engaging with other students in a living environment that draws its inspiration from the housing models at Cambridge and Oxford Universities. This experience allows them to eat together, attend live readings of poetry and other literature and attend or play sports together. It creates a cohesive environment that makes college fun and memorable.

University of Miami Accreditation

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools gives the University of Miami its accreditation. This accreditation allows the school to award students bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

University of Miami Application Requirements

The admissions office of the University of Miami makes it easy to apply to the school. There is a video component – Chat With Charles – that walks students through the process. It clarifies some topics, like college essays, in more depth and provides advice for how to work through these components. The school also breaks the application process down into a series of numbered steps, providing a checklist of sorts for students who apply.

For Freshman, the school first asks them to fill out the Common Application. For those who aren’t familiar with the Common Application, it’s a website run by the non-profit Common Application that allows students to submit applications to a number of schools at the same time. Almost 900 schools belong to this consortium. The fee for applying to the University of Miami through Common Application is $70.

Here are the school’s additional requirements for Freshman applicants:

  • High school transcripts
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • A school report for the student from the student’s high school counselor
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Additional departmental requirements (portfolios, auditions, etc.)
  • Educational pursuits
  • Financial certification for international students
  • Conduct updates (where necessary)
  • Financial aid paperwork

The checklist for transfer students is similar, though there are a few minor changes to the list above. The school asks them to submit all college transcripts from any college they’ve attended. It also asks them to include their final high school transcript as well.

Additionally, there is a college report that someone at the student’s previous college or university must fill out. Instead of two letters of recommendation, transfer students are only required to send one letter of recommendation.

Students who wish to apply to the graduate school have the option of applying for on-campus and online programs. Although there is a general application that all future graduate students must fill out, some schools within the university system have additional requirements.

There are separate application procedures for the College of Engineering, the Miami Herbert Business School, the Miller School of Medicine, the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the University of Miami Law School.

Finally, graduate students must also send their test scores, like the GRE, the TOEFL or the GMAT, to the department they are applying to.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Like the school’s application page, the page for financial aid for the University of Miami is easy to read and laid out methodically. The University of Miami offers a number of different types of financial aid. There are scholarships, loans, campus work programs, Florida-based aid and programs for veterans. The school vows to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. Seventy-three percent of students get financial aid. US News and World Report ranks it 77th on its Best Value list.

In order to qualify for financial aid, students are asked to fill out the FAFSA. The school does have early decision options. Students who want to take advantage of this should submit their application by December 1st or January 1st, depending on which early decision option they take.

There is also a place for students to fill out their CSS Profile. This is separate from the FAFSA. It basically fills in the gaps for schools, allowing them to see how much non-federal financial aid the student can qualify for. The school additionally asks for tax forms from the student and/ or his or her parents. International students fill out the CSS profile and additionally submit information about their earning status.

Tuition at the University of Miami (as of this writing) is just over $52,000 a year. If that number is combined with other expenses, like fees, housing and meals, and books, then the total cost goes up to nearly $65,000 a year for students who live with their parents and nearly $74,000 a year for students who live on campus.