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Originally founded in 1908, in the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia the University of Mary Washington was named after the mother of the country’s founding father, George Washington. However, in the very beginning, the school was referred to as Fredericksburg’s State Normal and Industrial School for Women. Today it is considered one of the premier public liberal arts and sciences university’s in the nation.

From the period of 1944 to 1972, the school was the women’s only college of the University of Virginia. The most prestigious and oldest honorary academic organization, Phi Beta Kappa, was established in 1971 at a Mary Washington chapter. Shortly after this period, the school became coed and during the early portion of the 1970s the school was reorganized as an independent college and given the name of the University of Mary Washington.

The school continued to evolve with the creation of two additional colleges during the summer of 2010, having the College of Education and the College of Business joining the College of Arts and Sciences. This addition allowed the university to provide a number of rigorous graduate and undergraduate programs to students.

University of Mary Washington Accreditation Details

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, SACS, is the accrediting entity that provides the master’s and bachelor’s degrees at the University of Mary Washington. Additional accreditation has also been received by the college for specific programs. The additional accreditations that are held include the UMW Chemistry program being approved by the American Chemical Society; the Department of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, NASM; the Educatory Preparation Program has received approval from the Virginia Department of Education.

University of Mary Washington Application Requirements

Any undergraduate who is interested in one of the programs offered at UMW needs to submit their application along with the require an application fee. Those who are first-time college students also have to submit their ACT or SAT scores, high school transcript, and any AP test scores.

Those who are transferring to UMW need to submit all of the information above, as well as transcripts from the university or college they are actually transferring from. For upper-level transfer applicants, they have to submit all the same information. In many cases, the university will make a decision based on the transcripts the student submits.

If a person is planning to apply to the graduate school at the University of Mary Washington, they have to submit their application, the application fee, and their official college transcriptions or their bachelor’s degree. Other information that is required includes test scores from the GMAT or GRE. There are some graduate programs that also require letters of reference, writing samples and personal statements prior to a student being admitted to the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Attendance costs at the University of Mary Washington range between $14,891 and $38,354. For those who live in the state of Virginia, the college provides a discount of 56 percent off of fees and tuition. Also, approximately 32 percent of freshmen entering the college receive some type of financial aid. On average, a student receives $6,226 in financial aid and students coming from low-income families receive an estimated $10,177 in aid during their first year in college.

There are several financial aid options available for students attending the school and an entire financial aid department to help a student find the right type of assistance for their college career. In most cases, students acquire several types of financial aid including grants, scholarships, federal work-study programs or loans.

Degrees Available

The University of Mary Washington is made up of three different colleges, with each one offering an array of degree programs for students to consider.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers 28 distinct undergraduate degrees that have been concentrated into 26 majors that are further divided into 15 broad fields of study. These courses prepare graduates for roles in leadership around the nation and the globe. The university’s College of Education provides a number of electives toward the bachelor’s program, courses that are designed to ensure any liberal arts student is able to meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a teacher’s license.

For those pursuing Sports Management, they will find UMW offers a comprehensive course that includes a number, of course, related to sports management, sports law, and even sports psychology. This program also brings students into the actual business work with marketing classes. All students enrolled in the Sports Management program have to complete a hands-on internship and receive supervised experience in this field.

For students who enjoy learning about how people think, the neuroscience program may be ideal. This program delves into learning about nerves and networks in the human body and this minor is particularly beneficial for those pursuing a major in biology or psychology or who are entering into the psychobiology or neuroscience graduate programs. In addition to classes, such as psychopharmacology, biological psychology, cognitive neuroscience, neurobiology and cellular biology, students will participate in a hands-on internship.

The political science area of study at UMW will teach students the theory of political science and connect these teachings with real world situations thanks to internships, on-site learning and an involvement in political events. Students will learn how the political systems function thanks to courses that range from government and international politics to urban politics. Students will also be able to choose from courses, such as mass media politics, women and politics, the theory of revolution, politics of developing countries, international relations, international governments, foreign policy, American civil liberties, metropolitan issues, American presidency and more.

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For students considering the University of Mary Washington, getting to know what is offered, as well as the financial aid that is present can be beneficial. Taking the time to review this information and learn as much about the college as possible will help a student make an educated decision regarding whether or not this is the college they wish to attend. The University of Mary Washington offers a number of graduate and undergraduate programs to help a person succeed in their educational goals.