Many Options-Many Degree Programs at the University of Arizona

The University of Arizona appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Affordable Accelerated MBA Programs Online.

There are more than 300 degree programs available at the University of Arizona, including undergraduate degrees, master’s and doctoral programs, and certificates. More than 100 of these are offered online.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Emphasis is a 120-credit-hour program that requires two semesters of a second language. Students apply to the pre-business program and are accepted into the business degree when they have attained prerequisite courses. Areas covered in the program are accounting, corporate finance, and business policy. Courses include general education plus Calculus Concepts for Business Majors, Statistical Inference in Management, Cost and Managerial Accounting, and others.

There is a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering; Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with emphasis in Archaeological Sciences or in Human Biology; bachelor’s degrees in computer sciences, performing arts, Internet technology, agronomy, and a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies with several available areas of emphasis, and many other degree programs.

The Bachelor of Science in Education, Educational Interpreting Emphasis, is a 120 credit-hour program that focuses on deaf communication and culture. It emphasizes community engagement and service-learning. Throughout the last two years of the program, all students must have a deaf mentor. The degree also requires at least three 90-hour practicums.

The University of Arizona also offers accelerated majors. These are programs that allow students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in five years of full-time study. Some of the areas in which the programs are offered are journalism, law, industrial engineering, marketing, architecture, and others.

There are master’s degrees in more than 150 areas of study. These degree programs require a minimum of 30 credit-hours. Students may earn a MAC ( Master’s in Accountancy), a Master of Science in Accounting, master’s degrees in aerospace engineering, anthropology, art education, astronomy and astrophysics, and education among many others.

The Master of Science in Educational Psychology explores the psychology of teaching and learning. It looks at human development and at cognition and problem-solving and studies research methodology. The program is also available as a Ph.D., Educational Psychology Emphasis.

The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Discovery and Development degree leads to the MS or to a Ph.D. It is a non-thesis program that can be completed in three-to-four years. The focus of the program is on project development, design, management and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

The Master of Public Health is available with several concentrations. Students can earn the MPH, One Health; MPH, Public Health Policy and Management; MPH, Public Health Practice or the MPH, Environmental and Occupational Health. It is an interdisciplinary program that can be completed in two years and that requires an internship. Areas of study include epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental and occupational health, public health policy and management and socio-cultural and behavioral aspects of public health.

There are more than 100 degrees offered online, including most of the Bachelor of Applied Science programs. These are general programs that are available with an emphasis in early childhood education, in human services, in informatics and other disciplines.

The Bachelor of Applied Science, Meteorology Emphasis is a 120 credit-hour program that prepares students for careers in public or private-sector weather forecasting. The focus of the program is on military personnel to allow them to “become professional meteorologists eligible for promotion.” Students explore weather and climate using math, physics, statistics and computer programming.

The Bachelor of Science: Administration of Justice is a 120 credit-hour program that is intended for students who have an associate degree in criminal justice or life experience in law enforcement or in public safety. Areas of study include criminal justice, procedural Constitutional rights, the American judicial system, terrorism and more.

The university has a host of general studies degrees and offers an MBA online. The MBA may be earned in 14 months, but students can take up to four years to complete the degree. Areas of emphasis include Finance, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Management and Organizations.

About the University of Arizona

This university was founded in 1885 as a land grant school. It was the first university in Arizona. The first students were not enrolled until 1891.

There are more than 35,200 undergraduate students at the school, but most classes have less than 20 students. The student-to-faculty ratio is 15:1, and the school has a respectable 47 percent four-year graduation rate. The US News and World Report ranks the University of Arizona as #117 of National Universities.

University of Arizona Accreditation Details

  • The Higher Learning Commission
  • The Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology ( ABET)
  • The National Architectural Accreditation Board
  • The Council on Rehabilitation Education
  • The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)
  • The American Psychological Society
  • The Council on Education of the Deaf
  • The Arizona Department of Education
  • The Accrediting Council for General Medical Education
  • The Council on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • The American Chemical Society
  • The American Bar Association
  • And many others.

The University of Arizona Application Requirements

Students apply to the university by first setting up an online account and then accessing the application portal. The form allows them to designate a degree and a campus. Those who are applying to online programs should select “other campus” through which they will be directed to an online program option. There is a $65 non-refundable application fee for undergraduate students. Those students attending through the online campus should self-report their grades and arrange to have the official results of the SAT or ACT sent to the university. Some programs, such as the nursing program, have additional requirements.

Students applying as graduates create accounts as well and complete the online GradApp application. They should arrange to have the transcripts of undergraduate work as well as any required admissions tests sent to the University of Arizona, and pay the non-refundable application fee of $85. They should check the department that houses their degree for additional requisites. Students are admitted by the departments, and the graduate school serves as a “quality control.”

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate tuition at the University of Arizona is $12,600 per year. The university estimates students will spend $800 on books and $12,550 on room and board. Students should also budget for personal and contingency funds. The estimated cost of attendance for undergraduates is $28,550 plus supplies and personal expenditures.

Graduate tuition is $13,044.

Online programs vary in cost. Bachelor of Applied Science courses average $500 per unit, but the Online Family Nurse Practitioner program costs $975 per unit.

The first step for students after completing the application should be to fill out the FAFSA. Arizona has some financial assistance for students in addition to federal aid. The university considers students for merit scholarships based on the information contained in their applications. They must apply individually for other resources. This school has a unique website ( The Scholarship Universe) that matches students with scholarship opportunities.

Gift aid is, of course, the most advantageous, but students who do not qualify for enough university scholarships and grants to meet their financial obligations can seek outside scholarships and grants. Additionally, they can apply for student loans or for part-time employment. There are many ways to pay for a degree program at the University of Arizona.