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Degrees Offered at Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A & M University-Commerce appears in our ranking of the 50 Accelerated Masters in Sports Management Online.

Texas A&M University-Commerce offers more than 130 unique programs of study for students at all professional levels. The university has a number of flexible online programs to select from as well. Each of these fields of study can be found within five colleges.

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

  • B.A. in Agribusiness
  • B.A. in Agricultural Science and Technology (Agriculture, Food and Family options)
  • B.A. in Animal Science
  • B.S. in Equine Studies
  • B.S. in Wildlife & Conservation Science
  • M.S. in Agricultural Sciences

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources immerses students in an experiential curriculum that endorses a pragmatic approach to learning. The courses offered are centered around horticulture, herds, and wildlife studies. Students have access to hands-on experiences with prairie sites, artificial wetlands, and research opportunities. Texas A&M’s agricultural college students can utilize 1,300 acres of farmland which is home to an equine center, a beef cattle center, and a farm shop.

The College of Business

  • B.S. in Accounting
  • B.S. in Economics & Finance
  • B.S. in Marketing & Business Analytics
  • M.S. in Finance
  • M.S. in Management

The College of Business provides participants with the opportunity to develop their practical skills as well as come into their confidence as they explore the program. The courses are taught by renowned faculty members that are not only experts in their field but excellent mentors as well. Students participate in research opportunities, internships, and off-campus programs. The class sizes are small which creates an engaging environment.

The College of Education and Human Services Departments

  • Counseling
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Health and Human Performance
  • Psychology and Special Education
  • Social Work

The College of Education and Human Services is known for its rigorous and successful grouping of programs. Students who participate in any of the programs within this department are mainly found in public sectors. The program has produced a plethora of teachers, counselors and even college presidents. Texas A&M University-Commerce has created a legacy with the educational department. The program is nationally recognized for its research and service opportunities. Students can pursue certification for a professional career in education while simultaneously completing their degrees. TAMU provides certification in athletic training education, social work, and several others.

The College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts Programs

  • History
  • Liberal Studies
  • Mass Media, Communication & Theatre
  • Sociology and Criminal Justice
  • Music
  • Political Science

The College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts is home to a group of faculty members that have been recognized for their expertise. This program and all participants are able to thrive as they engange in hands-on, personalized experiences. Students have access to labs and studios to further develop their skills and tune into their studies.

The College of Science and Engineering Departments

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Physics and Astronomy

Technology is forever evolving and consistently improving. Today, programs in STEM are in high demand. The College of Science and Engineering has been designed to provide students with the proper knowledge and skills to confidently pursue a career in an open workforce. The department actively prepares students to continue their education at the advanced levels. Students are taught how to search for and discover new solutions to all things STEM. Through experiential learning and hands-on research opportunities, students have access to a wealth of resources. Texas A&M University-Commerce hosts and observatory as well as instructional labs.

About Texas A&M University-Commerce

Texas A&M University was founded in 1889. Since its inauguration, the university has been dedicated to providing higher learning opportunities to students who are committed to receiving quality academic experiences that result in personal growth and success. TAMU cares about building solid, foundational relationships with its students, faculty members, and the surrounding communities. The staff and professors make it their mission to know students by name. Each faculty member is just as ambitious as the next as they educate learners from all around the world and coach them through their studies. The goal is to walk across the commencement stage with a feeling of optimism.

At TAMU, education is much more than just experiencing lectures and classroom hours. The university encourages people to make friends as well as memorable experiences with one another throughout their academic years. Students can enjoy life on campus or travel across numerous borders with the study abroad program which hosts 18 unique options with visits expanding to Australia, Peru, and South Africa.

Texas A&M University-Commerce has over 95% of graduates actively participating in the existing workforce. Many of these graduates are excelling in their careers. Each of them was prepared thoroughly during their time at TAMU, and they actively utilize their learned skills and knowledge to continue garnering success in the real world.

Texas A&M University-Commerce Accreditation Details

Texas A&M University-Commerce received accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

Texas A&M University-Commerce Application Requirements

First-year undergraduate students should supply the admissions office with a virtual application, official high school transcripts, satisfactory SAT or ACT scores, and an application fee of $50.

Graduate students should provide a completed application, a minimum GPA of 3.0, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, official GRE or GMAT scores, official transcripts from an accredited university and a $50 application fee.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Incoming undergraduate students who are residents of the state of Texas will pay base tuition of $611.95 per credit hour while non-resident undergraduate students will pay base tuition of $1,026.95 per credit hour.

Graduate students who are residents of the state of Texas will pay base tuition of $650.54 per credit hour and non-residents of the state will pay $1,065.54 per credit hour.

Students can apply for financial aid loans or grants through FAFSA. Texas A&M University-Commerce awards undergraduate students financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. On average, 71% of students receive some form of university-based financial aid. Students can receive a grant or scholarship amount of up to $7,019.

Texas A&M University-Commerce has expertly crafted its curriculum to suit you and your academic dreams. Each program is just as advanced and worthwhile as the next.