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Degree Programs at Roberts Wesleyan College

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Roberts Wesleyan College offers many educational opportunities for incoming students, including programs that they can complete in three years and options for students who haven’t picked a major. The academic exploration program is open to all undeclared students. They can choose one main field to study and then pick related topics or fields that interest them. It’s similar to the interdisciplinary studies programs available at other colleges. Communication, business administration, social work, and psychology are all programs that students can complete in three years. Students can both transfer credits in the form of AP classes and take summer courses to graduate in less time.

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) that the college offers is also available as a traditional four-year program. Students do fieldwork and internships in their last two years to work directly with clients. They can choose from more than 250 placement sites and study abroad too. Introduction to Contemporary Social Work, Drugs, HIV and the Family, Social Welfare History and Services, Human Behavior and the Social Environment and Organizational Development and Change are all classes in the BSW program. Other majors that four-year students can choose from include math, history, computer science, communication, nursing, education, criminal justice, and engineering.

With more than 20 graduate programs available, students can continue their studies at Roberts Wesleyan College too. A popular option is the Master of Science (MS) in School Counseling program, which gets students ready to help kids and teenagers at all educational levels. This program features 61 credits and starts near the end of August every year. Classes meet at night and in the late afternoon to help teachers and other professionals enroll. Foundations of Education, Contemporary Issues in Counseling, Consultation for Prevention and Intervention and Conflict Management are some of the available classes. Students also need to do a fieldwork practicum.

Another popular program helps students complete an MS in Public Health and is similar to the Master of Public Health programs that other colleges offer. Students can start in the spring or defer their enrollment until the fall term. Foundations of Public Health, Organizational Leadership, Global Health, Health Care Financial Management and Strategic Planning for Health Care are some of the required public health classes. School psychology, theology, and social justice, social work, nursing education, literacy education, and health administration are other graduate programs available at Roberts Wesleyan College.

About Roberts Wesleyan College

Roberts Wesleyan College is a private college affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. It was established in 1866 as the Chili Seminary and changed its name in 1885 after receiving a large donation from A.M. Chesbrough. It would become Roberts Junior College in 1945 after some curriculum changes and later adopt the Roberts Wesleyan College to show that it offered full degree programs at all levels. The college now offers nearly 80 programs and is home to the Northeastern Seminary.

Roberts Wesleyan College Accreditation Details

Though Roberts Wesleyan College is a Christian college, it has the regional accreditation that lets students seek government financial aid. All students can use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) because the college has accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). The college also has accreditation for its social work, psychology, business, nursing and other majors from organizations that include the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and the Internationa Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE).

Roberts Wesleyan College Application Requirements

Incoming freshmen can apply to Roberts Wesleyan College for free. The online application consists of several sections that ask students about where they went to school and if they graduated, the interests they have outside of school and their religious beliefs. Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale and a minimum ACT/SAT score of 17/940. They can also provide a CLT score as long as it is 59 or higher. The college has an early application deadline of November 15 and a January 15 priority deadline. Students who apply by one of these deadlines will get an answer within two to three weeks. Roberts Wesleyan College will accept applications beyond the priority deadline but cannot guarantee that those students can enter the programs that appeal to them or that they will get financial aid. Students can upload or send in a letter of recommendation too.

Students applying to a graduate program generally need a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Both the school counseling and school psychology programs recommend that students have a social science degree when they apply. They need to enter information from their transcripts on the application and then send a copy of that transcript to the college. Most programs ask for an autobiography, resume and three letters of recommendation. At least one of those letters should come from an academic reference. The college has a January 15 priority deadline but will accept applications through the beginning of August if the program is still available.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At Roberts Wesleyan College, more than 40% of its undergrads come from households that make no more than $80,000 a year. Students pay $31,350 for tuition and an extra $1,444 in fees every year. Those who choose to live on-campus pay more than $10,100 for a room and board package. To help them pay these costs, the college offers financial aid packages that cover the estimated cost of attendance after subtracting their family contribution. The college claims that 44% of students do not pay any out of pocket costs. Students who submit the FAFSA can qualify for Roberts Wesleyan College scholarships and federal work-study and loans along with grants from the state government.

Graduate students pay a $300 fee when they start at the college and a tuition rate of between $726 and $852 per credit hour. They can set up a payment plan or apply for financial aid, but all other students need to pay their balances by the first week of the semester. Financial aid for graduate students can include federal loans, alternative loans, and scholarships such as the legacy scholarship for graduates of the college that takes 10% off their bills. Students in any of the degree programs at Roberts Wesleyan College can use the FAFSA and get financial aid.