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Degrees Offered at Rasmussen College

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As the demands on education change, many colleges have begun to adopt online programs to meet these demands. Rasmussen College is among them. The college offers associate-, bachelor and master-level classes, as well as diplomas and certificates, both on campus and online.

Rasmussen College has seven areas of study. These include business, technology, design, nursing, education, justice studies, and health sciences. Students who are interested in studying at RC have degree and certificate options like business management, marketing, graphic design, early childhood education, healthcare, medical billing and coding, RN to BSN, cybersecurity and web programming.

The school’s website makes finding a degree easy. The site is equipped with a filtering mechanism that allows students to find degrees by program type, degree type, delivery method or by areas of study.

Students take a variety of interesting and helpful classes in order to earn their degrees. These include classes like Healthcare Information Systems and Technology, Healthcare Policy, Ethics and Laws, Advanced Database Management, Advanced Machine Learning, Online Multimedia Marketing, Principles of Marketing, 3D Animation, User Experience Design, Advanced Principles and Perspectives of Child Development. The courses in the previous sentence are drawn from several degrees to give incoming students an understanding of the types of classes they’ll get at Rasmussen College.

Additionally, the purpose of the school’s curriculum is to not only provide students with career foundations but also to help them to develop transferable skills. The classes are Rasmussen are designed to foster skills like digital fluency, communication, teamwork, a sense of professional responsibility, information literacy, and critical thinking.

Finally, incoming students should know that the school provides Flex Choice learning options. These options are especially helpful for students who have plenty of life and career experience. This option allows students to get credit for prior learning. Its learning model is competency-based education, which means that students who develop competency in a subject can pass it, even if it doesn’t take very long for them to do it. They may not need a whole semester to complete a class. This learning model is not time-based. Students can also take self-directed assessments if they want to test out of a subject.

The school has more than 100,000 graduates.

About Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College has always been a college with a mission to provide the workplace with skilled workers. This for-profit college has its headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota, but has campuses all over the US. There are satellite campuses in North Dakota, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It was founded in 1900 by Walter Rasmussen, who christened his new college the Rasmussen Practical School of Business.

Today, aside from offering numerous online and campus-based college programs, RC also spearheads Centro de Aprendizaje in Chicago, which is a learning community that offers high school students and adults with academic advising and coaching. These students can also find study space, Internet and computer access, and bilingual staff at this center.

Rasmussen College provides students with a connected learning community, as well as the facilities to support these students. The school boasts project assessments, simulation and virtual labs, field experience, and an engaging faculty.

Additionally, the school ensures that even online students have access to everything the school has to offer. There are online tutoring services, live chats with the school’s librarians, virtual career fairs, job-search strategy webinars, and resume help.

Rasmussen strives to meet students where they’re at. Aside from offering busy students the option of online classes and degrees, RC also allows students to get credit for prior learning. The school will look at students’ military transcripts, industry certificates, and university coursework. Students also have the option of taking assessment tests for their prior learning. Learning is project-based and self-paced, allowing students to learn at a pace that’s right for them.

Rasmussen College Accreditation

Rasmussen College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Many of its programs are also accredited. Other accreditations include those from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education, the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. Rasmussen College also carries the proper state licensing.

Rasmussen College Application Requirements

True to the school’s nature, applying for admittance to Rasmussen College is a pretty simple affair; there are few of the obstacles that make applying to college more of a challenge. For one thing, RC charges no application fee. This levels the playing field from a financial standpoint.

Before they apply, first-year students should gather their transcripts from either high school or college. The college may also ask for a background check for some programs. The school recommends that students talk to an admissions advisor when they’re getting ready to apply. Students can apply online. Some students may be asked to take a placement test to ensure that they end up in the right classes.

Rasmussen College makes every effort to ensure that transfer students’ credits will transfer. Students are considered transfer students who have attended another college or who have spent time in the military. Since the early 2010s, the school has accepted more than 225,000 credits from transfer students. The school estimates that this has saved students $95 million.

Students who wish to apply to the nursing program must first attend one of the program’s information sessions. The college provides dates and times of upcoming information sessions on its website. Additionally, nursing students must take the TEAS exam. They are additionally required to be CPR certified and submit proof of immunizations.

Once students are fully enrolled and they have worked out their schedules and their academic plans, they then have the opportunity to participate in an online orientation that lays out what to expect.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates vary at Rasmussen College, depending on the degree and the degree level. In light of this, the school recommends that incoming students talk to a financial aid counselor to learn more about tuition rates.

That said, the tuition at Rasmussen College’s Florida campus came in at around $10,000, give or take. Generally speaking, Rasmussen’s costs are lower than most other similar colleges in Florida. However, tuition rates could vary among the school’s different campuses for campus-based programs.

The school suggests that students fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. This allows students to get financial aid for their studies. Once they fill this out, they can be offered scholarships, loans, grants and other types of financial aid to make attending Rasmussen College more affordable.