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Degrees Offered at Northern Kentucky University

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Northern Kentucky University offers students in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio area more than 70 undergraduate majors, as well as 22 master’s degrees and the option of a law degree. Classes are held both online and on campus and the university offers many online degrees.

Students are encouraged to embrace diversity on campus and to broaden their horizons through study abroad opportunities. Forbes named the university one of America’s Best Colleges nine years in a row.

The school’s most popular majors include organizational behavior studies, registered nursing, information technology, psychology, and social work.

About Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University is a public, metropolitan university that describes itself as a university that provides private school education in a public school setting. As such, the cost to attend the university is significantly less than the cost of a private school. About 14,000 students attend NKU.

Located in Highland Heights, Kentucky and less than 10 miles from Cincinnati, this school gets students from both Kentucky and Ohio, as well as from all over the US and the world. Nearly 90% of the students who apply to the school get accepted. The average salary for graduates comes in at just under $50,000 a year.

Northern Kentucky University Accreditation

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges grants Northern Kentucky University its accreditation.

Northern Kentucky University Application Requirements

The application for admission to Northern Kentucky University is very similar to the application for other schools, so students who have applied to a couple of universities will find the application simple enough to complete.

The school breaks down the requirements for each type of applicant from undergraduate to graduate. The following information gives incoming students a general idea of what they’ll need. Any exceptions to the general application process will be noted.

Potential Freshmen will need to do the following in order to apply to Northern Kentucky University:

  • Fill out the school’s application
  • Submit the $40 application fee to NKU
  • Submit your college or high school’s official transcripts
  • Have your SAT or ACT scores sent to the university
  • Do an audition (for music programs)

Incoming undergraduate students have the option of applying via the NKU online application or the Common Application. Students who plan on applying to more than one university will save time by using the Common Application, provided that the universities they’re applying to also use the Common Application.

The Common Application connects undergraduate students to more than 800 member colleges. Students who plan on applying to any of the member schools can use a single application interface to do it, thus cutting down the students’ application time.

Transfer students must turn in most of the same items. However, they’ll be expected to turn in the transcripts from any college they studied at prior to being admitted to NKU. Additionally, transfer students who are transferring with fewer than 36 quarter hours or 24 credit hours need to also submit a copy of their ACTs or their SATs and their high school transcripts.

International students may be asked to turn in the results of their English-proficiency exams. They may also be asked to supply the school with proof of financial support and any other critical documents.

Undergraduate students who are admitted to the program are admitted based on the following criteria: The students’ high school class rank; the high school curriculum and the students’ grade point average; test scores.

Additionally, incoming students must have completed the following coursework in high school: Three years of social science and science classes; three years of mathematics, including Algeria I and II, Geometry and/ or three integrative mathematics classes and four years of English.

The requirements for graduate students vary, depending on which program the student is applying to. Below is a copy of the materials that they may be asked for. However, incoming graduate students will want to check with the department they’re applying to in order to get a full list of the required application materials.

Grad students may be asked for:

  • The Northern Kentucky University application
  • An application fee
  • College transcripts from any programs previously attended
  • Test scores: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MAT, etc.
  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Essays or statements of goals or purpose

Tuition and Financial Aid

Northern Kentucky University charges tuition by the credit hour. The price for attending the school varies by residency status, though it isn’t exactly correct to say that Kentucky students pay one price, out-of-state students pay another. While this is mostly true, there are a few exceptions. Here is how it breaks down.

Undergraduate students who are residents of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio pay $413 per credit hour, (due to a reciprocity agreement). Non-residents outside of these states pay $828 per credit hour. Metro students pay $625 per credit. Online majors pay $448 per hour.

Additionally, students may be subject to university fees, which can vary. The school does provide a Net Price Calculator to help students better determine the cost of their education.

Graduate applicants also pay different prices for tuition, again based on residency and other factors. Residents pay $613 per credit hour. Non-residents are charged $943 per credit hour. Metro students are charged $738 per credit hour, and online students pay $653 per credit hour.

Graduate students who are considering applying to the College of Business, the College of Health and Human Services, the Online Master’s in Education, the Doctorate in Education and the Chase College of Law should check the school’s website for costs. They are different for the students in these programs compared to other graduate degrees.

NKU students who wish to qualify for financial aid are advised to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once they do, the financial aid office at the school can determine which grants, loans, scholarships, and work-study programs they qualify for. Additionally, students who need financial help to pay for their schooling are further encouraged to look for outside scholarships and grants.

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