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Degree Programs Available at the Mount Carmel College of Nursing

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The Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a college in Ohio that specializes in programs for future and current nurses. One of the more popular programs available is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Students take classes with fewer than 15 to 20 students and have access to professional opportunities through the Mount Carmel Health System. The program is available on the college’s campuses in Columbus and Ohio. It is also available in different formats, including an RN to BSN option and a traditional four-year program. Students can also enroll in an accelerated version of the nursing program or in an advanced placement version.

Several online nursing programs are now available such as the college’s RN to BSN program. Students must have an associate’s degree to start the program, though they can begin their studies before they pass the nursing exam and get their licenses. An accelerated program in adult nursing is also available as is a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). The MSN program includes a focus on nursing education. Students learn how to work as nursing instructors in other college programs, including the top teaching methods and the assignments they can give their students.

The MSN program on the Mount Carmel College of Nursing campus includes concentrations in adult care, family care and nursing administration. In the nursing administration program, students learn the basics of running a health care business. The other two programs focus on caring for specific types of patients. Each program features some required nursing classes, including Leadership in Advanced Nursing Roles and Quality, Safety and Effectiveness. Students can also earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from the college. It is open to nurses across the country because all the courses in the program are online.

About the Mount Carmel College of Nursing

The Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a private college that offers nursing degrees in Ohio. Established in 1903 by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, it provided Mount Carmel West with trained nurses during its early years. That hospital later grew to include other facilities across Columbus, Ohio and surrounding suburbs. The college itself is still on the western campus of the original hospital. Also called Mount Carmel and MCCN, it has an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. A second campus later opened in Lancaster, which inspired the college to add some online programs too. Mount Carmel introduced graduate programs to celebrate its 100th anniversary and later added a doctoral program. The more than 1,100 students who take classes from the college each year have opportunities to gain professional experience via any of the hospitals and facilities in the Mount Carmel System.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing Accreditation Details

MCCN has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that covers all its programs. This is the accreditation that lets students use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) when they need to get financial aid and what lets them transfer their credits to or from another campus. This is especially important for students in the RN to BSN program. All of the college’s programs have nursing accreditation too.

Mount Carmel College of Nursing Application Requirements

Prospective undergrads applying to MCCN can meet with an admissions counselor or talk to one over the phone. There are separate applications available for the traditional and online bachelor’s programs and another application for those who want to complete a second degree through the college. Students will use a different application when applying to the RN to BSN program. Other requirements for the undergraduate programs include an official transcript and a statement of purpose. Students may need to interview with a member of the nursing college or present a copy of a valid Ohio nursing license too.

All the graduate nursing programs available at Mount Carmel require that students start in the fall. They can submit their applications between September first and February first. The application includes a section for students to upload both a resume and a statement of purpose. This statement must be typed and no more than one page long. It will also need to explain the student’s reasons for picking a concentration and what that program means to them. Other requirements for graduate students include two letters of recommendation and official transcripts. Students also need to have a valid Ohio nursing license or show proof that they can obtain one.

Students entering the DNP program need more experience and education, including a graduate degree or some type of advanced certification. The college asks for a transcript that shows the student received a B grade or higher in a nursing research course and that the student maintained a GPA of at least 3.25 in a graduate program. Mount Carmel also requires that students have a minimum of 500 hours of fieldwork beyond the bachelor’s level and recommends that they have at least one year of recent nursing experience. Those applying to the doctoral program will submit college transcripts, a resume, statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation. They also need to interview with Mount Carmel faculty members on one of the college’s Ohio campuses.

Tuition and Financial Aid

All the traditional nursing programs offered by MCCN charge $447 per credit hour for the classes that students take. When they do clinical work, they pay $1,003 per credit hour. The online RN to BSN program charges $1,344 per class, but some of the courses that students take online include fees of $65 to $103. At the graduate level, students pay $565 per class. The total cost of earning one of these degrees ranges from $19,210 to $27,120. In the DNP program, students pay $2,100 per class and typically take two classes each semester.

Students who sign the college’s code of conduct and submit the FAFSA can get financial aid. The two more common sources of aid include grants that go to students based on their overall need and scholarships that the college awards to students based on their merit. Scholarships for incoming freshmen range from $1,000 to $4,000 a year, but other scholarships go to transfer and graduate students. Any student applying to one of the nursing programs at the Mount Carmel College of Nursing can get financial aid.