Kentucky State University is one of the oldest public colleges in the state. Established by the state in 1886, it opened as the State Normal School for Colored Persons. This school was one of the only in the south that offered opportunities for African American students. Many of its early students later served as teachers and principals all across the country. The school changed its curriculum just a few short years later to include mechanical programs, agricultural classes and courses on home economics. The university retained its commitment to African American students for a number of years before finally becoming KSU in 1972. Though the university now accepts students of all races, more than 40% of both graduate and undergraduate students are African American. The university also has a large population of other minority students, including Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans.

KSU is a fairly small school, but many of its current and former students like the atmosphere and environment of a smaller campus. The campus itself is just over 900 acres and is home to athletic facilities, a recently renovated library, education labs and student activity centers. KSU has a total enrollment of just over 2,000 students, which includes around 130 graduate students.

Kentucky State University Accreditation Details

Though not accredited during its early years, Kentucky State University later sought accreditation both on a regional basis and for some of its degree programs. Its regional accreditation comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS accreditation means that you can easily take courses at one college and transfer those credits to another university. It also means that the federal government can give you financial aid and that you may qualify for certain loans and other aid programs. Kentucky State University also has program accreditation for some of the programs it offers online and on campus, including accreditation from the Network of Schools of Public Policy Affairs and Administration, which applies to its Master of Public Administration program. University programs also have accreditation from:

  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • National Association of Schools of Music
  • Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.
  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
  • Council on Social Work Education Office of Social work Accreditation

Kentucky State University Application Requirements

Kentucky State University offers a traditional paper application and an online application. If you decide to fill out the paper application, you can visit the university’s official website, download a copy to your computer, print off that copy, complete it and send it back to campus. You will also need to send along a check or money order to pay the $30 application fee. Completing the application online lets you complete the steps even faster. The university lets you create your own account with a password you can easily remember in the future. You can even pause the application to do some homework or hang out with your friends before coming back to it later. Undergraduate applicants must also submit a standardized test score and an official high school transcript.

Applying for a spot in one of the KSU graduate programs will take a little more work. In addition to the online application, you also need to fill out the supplement page that asks more about what you want to study. You also need to write a short personal statement that talks more about your background, describes your goals and explains your career aspirations. KSU also requires a copy of your resume, an official college transcript and your score from the GMAT, GRE or a similar examination. The last step in the application process is the submission of three letters of recommendation and a separate letter of recommendation from a work supervisor or department head.

Tuition and Fees

Finding out how much you will pay for college is sometimes hard because KSU charges so many different types of rates. Full-time undergraduate students typically pay around $3,700 a semester, which lets them take up to 18 credit hours of courses. If you do not live in Kentucky, your rate as a full-time student will increase to around $8,800 a semester. The university charges a rate of $307 for undergraduate residents who go to school part-time and $736 per credit hour for part-time students from outside of Kentucky. Graduate students pay $418 per credit hour as a Kentucky resident and $629 as a resident of another state. The university offers a different tuition rate for online students that is $389 for undergraduate students and $476 for graduate students per credit hour.

No matter how you want to take classes, you probably need some help paying for your tuition, fees and personal expenses. That is why you should file the FAFSA during the spring semester before you enroll. Your answers will dictate how much aid you qualify for and the type of assistance package you receive. Online students at the undergraduate level may receive loans, grants or scholarships. Graduate students who take classes online may receive some government loans, university scholarships or loans from alternative lenders.

Online Degree Options

KSU created its online system to appeal to students who could not take traditional classes and those who lived further away from its main campus. This system now offers a doctoral degree in nursing practice, a master’s degree and three options at the bachelor’s level. The criminal justice track is just one option open to students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree. This program looks at criminal justice as well as social work, sociology and psychology. You’ll learn how and why criminals acts and behave the way they do, the role of all professionals in the justice system and the type of jobs open to those with this type of degree. KSU also offers bachelor’s degrees online in psychology and public administration.

Why Do Students Fail Online College Courses?

The Online Masters of Arts in Special Education Online from KSU allows you to complete the steps necessary for obtaining a teaching license in Kentucky, and you may meet the basic requirements for getting a license in another state. The program deals specifically with the behavioral disorders that affect children ranging in age from kindergarten through high school. Kentucky State University requires that online education students meet four check points throughout their studies to ensure they are keeping up with the program.