kentucky state university graduate programs

Degree Programs Offered at Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Technologically Advanced Small Colleges.

Kentucky State University has established general education requirements for undergraduate students who want to earn their degrees. Any undergrad must agree to take those classes as well as the classes related to their majors. They can choose from majors such as studio art, which allows them to work in the university’s studios and create art that they present. This program is also available with a teaching certificate for future art teachers. Those who want to teach can also choose from other majors such as biology and education.

The university offers a general social sciences program that allows students to study social sciences and take classes from related fields. Majors will need to pick a core in history, sociology or social sciences education though. Students in the mass communication and journalism program can write for the university’s newspaper and other publications and do internships with other publications too. Through the College of Business and Computer Science, undergrads can earn degrees in general business, management, business administration or accounting. Other majors offered by Kentucky State University include nursing, social work, public administration, and liberal arts.

Seven graduate programs and one doctoral program are also available at the university. Graduate students in the environmental studies program learn the impact that humans and other creatures have on the environment and what science can do to reduce that impact. In the special education program, students become better adept at helping students with learning and other disabilities. Students can also study interdisciplinary behavioral science, business administration, public administration, aquatic science, and computer science technology at the university. The only doctoral program it offers is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) for licensed nurses.

About Kentucky State University

Kentucky State University is a public university in Kentucky and one of the state’s only historically all-black colleges. Established in 1886, it originally served as the State Normal School for Colored Persons. It was one of the only schools of higher learning in Kentucky designed for African Americans at the time. The city of Frankfort donated more than $1,000 to the new college, which led to the construction of a small campus. Though the normal school offered teacher prep programs, it would later change its focus and add programs in home economics, mechanical work and agriculture. The new curriculum led to the college opening new departments and to an increase in enrollment. It would later become an industrial school and a state college called Kentucky State College before becoming Kentucky State University.

Also called KSU and Kentucky State, the university retains its commitment to African Americans. African American students account for nearly 50% of the university’s undergrads and more than 40% of its graduate students. The university now consists of four colleges that oversee various departments and programs. Students can choose from more than 50 undergrad majors and four associate degree programs as well as options for graduate and doctoral students. Some of the students who attended the university later played professional sports and found success in politics. The Kentucky State University campus in Frankfort now covers more than 900 acres and is home to the Paul G. Blazer Library and more than 1,700 students.

Kentucky State University Accreditation Details

KSU affirmed its accreditation status with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in December of 2019 and will not see that accreditation come up for renewal again for several years. The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) granted KSU accreditation for its nursing programs, including the DNP program and the option for those who need to get their nursing licenses. The university also has accreditation for its education and music programs.

Kentucky State University Application Requirements

To help students check on their application statuses, KSU asks that students create an account with a specific username and password. They use that information to both apply for admissions and view the responses they get back from the university. KSU has a final deadline of June first for undergrads applying to the fall semester and recommends that students apply earlier. Students who want to qualify for in-state tuition will also need to complete a residency form and submit it to the university. The only requirements for incoming undergrads are the application, an official high school transcript, and an official ACT score or a score from the SAT.

Graduate students must submit their applications by the deadlines set by each department, which can range from the beginning of the year to the middle of summer. On top of the application, the university asks for official transcripts to make sure that those students have a bachelor’s degree and that they studied a field that will help them in graduate school. Some programs may ask for letters of recommendation or contact information for professional/academic references, writing samples and other information. Student can view the application requirements attached to each program before they apply.

Tuition and Financial Aid

KSU offers a discount for Kentucky residents. Those students pay $3,850 to $4,810 per semester based on whether they take 18 or 21 credit hours of classes. Nonresidents pay $9,500 to $11,870 per semester and can take the same amount of courses. Part-time undergrads pay $325 per credit hour as a resident or $790 per credit hour as a nonresident. All undergrads who take fewer than 12 credits are part-time students. Graduate students pay the same rate as both full-time and part-time students. This rate is $420 for residents and $630 for nonresidents per credit hour. The university charges $400 per credit hour for undergrads and $500 per credit hour for graduate students who take online courses too.

Students who need financial aid must complete the FAFSA, which will estimate their need for the coming school year. It bases this need on how much the student’s parents can contribute. Though both graduate students and undergrads can qualify for loans, most grants go to undergrads. Students can also look for job opportunities from the university when they qualify for federal work-study. The university has a number of positions available and also offers several scholarships of $1,000 or more. All students applying to the degree programs offered by Kentucky State University can qualify for financial aid, but they only get that aid when they submit the FAFSA.