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Degree Programs at James Madison University

James Madison University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Most Affordable Master’s in Special Education Online Degree Programs.

Named after a former American President, James Madison University offers a variety of degree programs for prospective students. More than 60 majors are available for traditional undergraduates. These residential programs include a studio art program that lets students get help as they create artwork and have their work critiqued by others. A kinesiology program looks at human anatomy and the effect that injuries, nutrition, and other factors have on the body. Students can choose from majors that include sport and recreation management, earth science, biology, business, chemistry, nursing, and graphic design.

More than 50 residential programs are available for graduate students too. The Master of Arts in Art Education prepares students for teaching painting, drawing and other art techniques to their students. Studio art majors can earn a Master of Arts or a Master of Fine Arts. The university’s business programs include a business administration program with concentrations in information security, innovation and executive leadership and a strategic leadership program with concentrations in nonprofit and community leadership, organizational science and leadership and postsecondary analysis and leadership. Grad students can also study communications, psychology, health sciences, education and social sciences at James Madison University.

Both hybrid and distance education programs are available from the university too. With distance education programs, students only work online. Those enrolled in a hybrid program will need to spend some time at the university. The options for undergrads include an autism spectrum disorders certificate or a nursing degree. They can also complete their degrees through the university. Graduate students can earn degrees in four fields online: math education, computer science, education technology or speech and language pathology. They can also complete many certificate programs online, including those in K-12 gifted education, higher education assessment, cyber intelligence, and autism spectrum disorders.

About James Madison University

James Madison University is a public university that pays homage to the American President of the same name. Established in 1908 as the State Normal and Industrial School for Women, it only accepted women during its early years. It served as one of the few schools in the south to offer practical training for young women that helped them find jobs when they finished their studies. Later called the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg, it also served as a state teachers college before becoming Madison College. The college later became coeducational and provided male students with the same opportunities that females had. It adopted the James Madison University name after gaining university status, though some also call it Madison or JMU.

Madison ranks as a selective university because it accepts fewer than 5,000 of the more than 20,000 applications that it receives every year. It has a retention rate of above 90%, which means that students stay at JMU to complete their degrees after starting their work there. There are more than 110 programs available from the university, including some online degree options and some certificate programs. While Forbes ranked Madison as the nation’s 143rd best college, U.S. News and World Report ranked it as the sixth best college in the southern region of the US.

James Madison University Accreditation Details

As JMU has institutional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), it can accept students who previously studied on another campus and those who have credits. The university will evaluate their transcripts and provide them with credit towards their degrees based on their transcripts. SACS accreditation also lets Madison award financial aid packages to all of its students. Other accreditation held by JMU applies to its programs in dietetics, occupational therapy, psychology, speech and language pathology, nursing, art, design, music, and education.

James Madison University Application Requirements

Students who apply to Madison can use the accounts they applied with to also check on the status of their applications. They only need to enter an email address and full name to create an account, but they’ll also need the addresses of their homes and schools and a social security number to fill out the application. Students can also use the Coalition Application and still get a fast response from the university. JMU recommends that students use the Coalition Application if they plan to apply to other colleges that will also accept the application. They can then submit an official transcript and test score to Madison. There is a November first early action deadline and a final deadline of January 15 for undergrads.

The deadline for graduate students is six weeks before the next semester starts. Students can begin any program in the fall, spring or summer. They will need to complete the Madison application for graduate students and pay the application fee before sending in their transcripts. Other requirements can vary between programs. The math education program asks that students take at least 18 credits of math classes before enrolling, including Linear Algebra. Students applying to a business program need to have some professional experience. JMU offers graduate events on its campus for prospective students who want to get more information about a program or some help with their applications.

Tuition and Financial Aid

All Madison undergrads pay $10,740 each year for room and board and another $4,956 in fees every year. Their tuition costs will depend on whether they are Virginia residents. Residents pay $7,250 for tuition each year, while nonresidents pay $24,150 every year for tuition. Virginia graduate students pay $499 per credit hour for their tuition. This cost increases to $1,231 per credit hour for graduate students who do not live in Virginia. Al students are responsible for the supplies and books they use in their courses and their living expenses.

JMU creates financial aid packages for undergrads based on the need they show on the FAFSA, which uses their parent(s)’ tax information. More than 400 scholarships are available for undergrads, many of which are renewable too. Students can get scholarships based on their majors, academic backgrounds, extracurricular interests, and other factors. The university also offers student employment through the federal work study program and can help students get loans and grants. Similar programs are available for graduate students who use the FAFSA. The financial aid awarded by James Madison University every year goes to undergrads and graduate students enrolled in all of its residential and online programs.