Florida Memorial University

Florida Memorial University is a four-year private school affiliated with the Baptist church. It was founded in 1879 as the Florida Baptist Institute in Live Oak, Florida. Later, it moved to Jacksonville and then to St Augustine where it assumed its current name. The school was built on the site of one of Florida’s largest slave plantations. This is significant because the school is one of 39 institutions within the United Negro College Fund system. Florida Memorial University ranks second in Florida and ninth in the US for graduating African-American teachers. The school has 41 undergraduate degree programs, and six graduate programs. US News and World Report ranks FMU in the second tier of regional universities. The stated mission of the university is to instill attitudes of leadership, character, service, scholarship and accountability into its graduates.

Florida Memorial University Accreditation Details

The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The Business programs are accredited by ACBSP and the Aviation Science program accreditation is through the Aviation Accreditation Board International. The Council on Social Work Education Office of Accreditation accredits the programs in Social Work and the NCATE accredits the initial teacher preparation program only. Music programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Florida Memorial University Application Requirements

If you are applying as an incoming freshmen, you can either print out the application found on the school website or complete it through the online portal. You must submit the application form along with a $25 processing fee and the requested documents. The application form contains an official transcript release so that your high school can send your transcript to FMU. In addition, you will need a letter of recommendation from a teacher or advisor and a personal statement of your goals, extracurricular activities and any other pertinent information. The testing agency through which you took the SAT or ACT should forward those scores to the university, but these scores are only used for placement and advisement. Unconditional admission requires a minimum GPA of 2.4. You are automatically admitted if you rank in the top 20 percent of your graduating class, and have taken an accepted battery of courses in liberal arts. If you are applying as a graduate student, you will still need to complete the application form, but individual schools and programs may have their own requisites as well.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition at Florida Memorial University is $12, 384 per year. Room and board costs depend upon which room plan you select, but range from $3,260 to $5,040 a year. Books and supplies are estimated at $1,500 and fees and other charges at $2,896. That means an estimated total of from $20,040 to $21,820. Most students require financial aid to attend college. The first step in getting that assistance if to complete a FAFSA form. The government uses the financial information you submit on the application to qualify you for various loans, work-study programs and grants. You are probably familiar with the Pell Grant, which is awarded to most incoming freshmen, but there is also the Federal Supplementary Educational Grant, which is made available to eligible students of exceptional financial need. The government awards direct loans with low interest and deferred payback as well as subsidized loans, in which the government pays the interest. There is a limit of $23,000 on government-subsidized loans. After you receive your FAFSA awards letter, you will probably need to look into other forms of aid. Florida offers several state grants as well as the TEACH grant which is available to students in education programs. In addition, because FMU belongs to The United Negro College Fund, students are eligible for assistance from that organization. FMU also has several scholarships available through individual departments. The music program, for instance, awards a scholarship and there are two available through the aviation science department. There are also scholarships and grants that are funded by private individuals and corporations as well as professional organizations. Service organizations like Lions Clubs International and the American Legion offer scholarships also. To find these opportunities, you will have to research scholarships on the Internet. Aside from grants, scholarships and loans, you may have qualified for a work-study award. This award is administered by the school and you hold a part-time job, taking your schedule into account. Work-study can be a great way to make connections and to get experience.

Degrees Available

Florida Memorial University awards more than 41 undergraduate degrees and six graduate degrees through three schools: the School of Business, the School of Education and the School of Arts and Sciences. Two of the unique degree programs offered through the Arts and Sciences School are the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science and the Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management. If you are earning the BS in Aeronautical Science, you can choose a concentration in either Air Traffic Control or Flight Education. The Air Traffic Control concentration contains 122 hours and prepares students to perform well in the ATC academy in Oklahoma City. There are 58 core classes, 20 hours in aviation technology, 32 in aviation science and 12 hours of electives. The positioning of FMU in close proximity to Opa Locka Airport and partnership with the airport, allows real-world accessible flight training.

The School of Education offers a Bachelor of Science or a Master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education. The master’s program contains 30 semester hours. It is intended for someone who is already teaching and who has an undergraduate degree in Exceptional Student Education. Students without the specialty can still earn this graduate degree, but the required extra courses will add six credit hours to the degree. The program consists of 10 courses that are research-based and contain built-in field experiences. You can complete this master’s program in three semesters, or about 18 months. Another degree offered at FMU through the School of Business is a Dual Degree in Hospitality Management. The business portion of the degree is offered at Florida Memorial University, and the hospitality specialization courses are completed the senior year at Florida International University. The degree contains 98 credit hours with liberal arts courses such as writing and communication as well as foreign language classes, business statistics, and introductory classes in the hospitality industry. These are not the only unique programs offered at the school, but they are representative of the diverse educational opportunities available at Florida Memorial University.

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