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Degree Programs Offered at Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Technologically Advanced Small Colleges.

Emmanuel College offers more than 60 majors for undergrads and another six programs for graduate students. Its nursing program was one of the first graduate programs established by the college. This program started in 1980 at the same time that the college introduced graduate programs in education and management. Students can earn a Master of Science in Nursing, Biopharmaceutical Leadership, Research Administration or Management. The management program is similar to the college’s human resources program. Each one teaches students the basics of leading and managing others, though the HR program also looks at training, compensation and similar subjects.

Undergrads can choose from several business programs too. Emmanuel offers a general management program and management programs with different concentrations. Students in the health care management program focus their studies on leading within health care organizations, while the sport management program deals with the managing and running of sports organizations. There is also a management program available with a concentration in marketing for those with an interest in advertising and public relations. Students can also major solely in marketing. The college also offers degree programs in economics and economics and finance.

Many of the undergraduate programs at Emmanuel College relate to arts and social sciences. The history major allows students to learn about the history of the world through different eras. They can choose the digital history concentration and learn about digital archives. Digital history students will take classes that include Introduction to Digital History and Digital Citizenship. The college’s sociology program also features concentrations, including human services, criminology, and social inequality and social justice. Students in the psychology program will also need to pick a concentration in either counseling and health psychology or developmental psychology. Other majors available from Emmanuel College for undergrads include chemistry, political science, biology, secondary education and graphic design.

About Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College is a private college in Boston, Massachusetts that sometimes uses the names EC or Emmanuel. It is a liberal arts college affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur established the college as a way to educate the female students living in Boston at the time. Many of its early programs taught and prepared students for employment as social workers, teachers, and nurses. After changing to a coeducational facility, enrollment at the college grew. Enrollment also grew after John F. Kennedy served on the college’s board and brought attention to the school. Emmanuel is unique because every one of its students does an internship before graduating. There are also clubs and organizations that students can join to make connections before they finish their studies. Emmanuel College now has an enrollment of around 2,500 students.

Emmanuel College Accreditation Details

With accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Learning (CIHL), Emmanuel College can offer financial aid and let students use any of the federal or state aid they get. Students also have access to institutional aid. This accreditation is also why the college can give students credit when they transfer from another school. The undergrad and graduate nursing programs offered by the college also have accreditation.

Emmanuel College Application Requirements

Emmanuel offers two early action deadlines and then a final deadline for undergrad applications. Students who submit applications by the first early action deadline at the beginning of November will get a response by the 15th of December, and those who apply by the second early action deadline of December 15th will get a response by the middle of January. If the college does not accept a student during the first or second deadline, it will hold their applications until the final deadline of February 15th. All students who submit their applications by this deadline will get an answer as soon as the college makes its decision.

Students will either submit a paper application through the mail or use the Common Application website. Both methods require a payment of $60 to process the application. Undergrads need to write an essay response on the application and send in their official high school transcripts. Emmanuel also requires two letters of recommendation. Students have the option of interviewing with an admissions counselor and/or providing their standardized test scores too.

The college has an application deadline for graduate students too, which is August 19th. Grad students need to submit the Emmanuel application with an admissions essay and two letters of recommendation. The essay should be at least 500 words that students use to explain why they want to study at the college and what their future plans are. The college requires official transcripts and a resume too. Students applying to the graduate nursing program must submit a copy of their valid nursing license also.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergrads attending Emmanuel College all pay the same tuition rate of $41,028 a year, which allows them to take 12 to 20 credits from the college and qualify for full-time enrollment. Students also pay at least $12,444 for room and board. This includes a dorm room shared between three meal and a standard meal plan. Students can pay extra for a more extensive meal plan or for a room shared with just one other person.

Though students pay $420 in fees each year, they also pay a $350 orientation fee when they first start. Both undergrads and graduate students can get health insurance through the college for $2,800 a year too. Graduate students majoring in nursing pay $2,581 for each class they take, while all other majors pay $2,192 per class. The college also offers a discount for online grad students that drops their costs down to $1,400 per class.

Emmanuel determines the need of students based on the information they share on the FAFSA. Aid based on need can include federal loans and some government grants. The Catholic High School Graduate Award is a special prize that provides students with a $5,000 scholarship if they graduated from a Catholic high school. Graduate students can qualify for an unsubsidized federal student loan and a federal PLUS loan. Education major can also use the TEACH grant while in college. Emmanuel College creates financial aid packages to make its overall cost of attendance for affordable for students enrolling in its degree programs.