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Concordia University-Wisconsin was founded in 1881 by a close-knit group of Lutheran teachers and cultivated a small group of loyal students. At this time, the school was comprised of a mere 13 teachers who taught out of a church basement. Since then, both the curriculum and the student body of the school has greatly expanded and now offers programs in teacher education, social work, engineering, nursing and medical assistantship. A promising number of CUW graduates go on to secure jobs in their respective professional fields. While the curriculum and career opportunities generated by CUW have greatly expanded, the school remains loyal to its Lutheran roots. In fact, at the core of all of CUW’s programs are its Christ-centered mission and its unwavering dedication to spiritual and community service. Concordia University-Wisconsin is striving to become internationally recognized for its unique approach to education, an approach that seamlessly marries Lutheran faith and secular learning.

Concordia University-Wisconsin Accreditation Details

Concordia University-Wisconsin is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. More specifically, the University’s Physician Assistant Program was recently granted a Provisional Accreditation by the ARC-PA. Once this particular program has been given the time and space to demonstrate progress and promise, CUW is hopeful that it will be granted permanent accreditation.

Concordia University-Wisconsin Application Requirements

When applying to CUW there are a number of application requirements that need to be met. Undergraduate application requirements require a student to have achieved a minimum GPA of 2.0 on the standard 4.0 scale. In addition, all prospective international students must take the TOEFL exam and achieve a score of 61. Alternatively, international students must achieve a minimum of a 5.5 on the IELTS.

The admissions requirements for graduate school are slightly different than those required of prospective undergraduates. The minimum entrance GPA required of prospective students is a 3.0 on the standard 4.0 scale. A score of 81 is required on the TOEFL, and a 6.5 is required on the IELTS.

In addition to writing these tests, all applicants must complete and submit the free online application for CUW found at www.cuw.edu/apply. Transcripts from all schools attended are required as well as a copy of both your passport and visa.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs at Concordia University-Wisconsin can be broken down in several different ways. One semester of full-time studies at CUW costs just under $13,000 and one year’s tuition at this institution costs 25, 930 dollars. If you are interested in part-time studies, the cost per credit is $1,080.

With that being said, Concordia University-Wisconsin is renowned for its generous funding opportunities. Because of CUW’s funding initiatives, attending this university ultimately comes with a price tag much closer to attending one of the state’s public institutions. The following are some helpful facts to consider:

• Approximately 98% of the CUW undergraduate body is awarded financial aid upon admission to the University.
• On average, financial award packages measure $21,000.
• Similarly, what are termed ‘needs-based’ financial grants measure approximately $13,500.

Over and above the financial aid packages offered by the university itself, students should take advantage of all other possible funding opportunities, such as scholarships and grants. Students should be proactive and pursue financial funding from local businesses, employers and even faith-centered groups. There are a wide range of financial funding opportunities within your grasp.

What Types of Financial Aid Are Available for Online College?

Online Degrees Available

Pursuing an MBA online, through CUW, is an exceptional educational opportunity that will lead to bountiful professional opportunities. Like CUW’s other online programs, the online MBA program allows adults to pursue higher learning in a flexible manner; in a manner that caters to adult students’ busy work lives. This program is lauded for the breadth of potential concentrations that it offers. Among these potential concentrations are included: Accounting, Finance, Environmental Studies, Corporate Communication Management, Marketing and even Risk Management.

In addition to the breadth of concentrations offered by CUW’s MBA program, students also benefit from being able to build their own unique schedule and individualized program. By registering for this program, students also enter into a beautifully diverse student cohort. This cohort is comprised of 40% international students and is 60% female.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration program is incredibly unique in its faith-based approach to professional leadership work. The mission of this program is to render its students ethical, powerful and profoundly motivational leaders.

Much like CUW’s online MBA program, the OLA program is unique in its breadth of concentrations. By selecting a concentration, you effectively tailor your program to the professional sector in which you would like to become a leader. Many adult students enter into this online program in an effort to elevate their status in their current professional situation. CUW is also lauded for the professional practitioners that facilitate its courses. Although the program takes place online, CUW’s practitioners are renowned for making themselves fully available to their students.

Master of Science in Nursing

The online Master of Science in Nursing program at CUW allows nurses to take their professional work to the next level. There are three programs that fall within this umbrella category: Family Nurse Practitioner, Adult-Gerontology Primary-Care NP, and Nurse Educator.

The features of this program that render it unique, and a serviceable asset to all students, is its health assessment component. This component lends innovative opportunities for students to partake in creative learning. The clinical aspect of this program is spearheaded by no other than the top experts in each of the three fields enumerated above. Last, but certainly not least, is the international lens through which this program is structured. This enables students to work and learn about environments that are unfamiliar to them.

Concordia University-Wisconsin is an accredited, faith-based institution that is devoted to quality education that is accessible as possible. Whether you wish to pursue full-time studies at the University campus or pursue one of its fantastic online programs, studying at Concordia University-Wisconsin will only open up doors for a bright future.