Located in Colorado Springs in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado College is a private liberal arts school that was founded in the 1870s. The school offers classes to around 2,000 undergraduate students at its campus. With an acceptance rate of less than 20%, the college is considered very selective, and routinely shows up on lists of the best colleges in the state by publications such as “Forbes” and “U.S. News & World Report.”

At the time of its founding in 1874, the college was described as a coeducational liberal arts college by its founder, Civil War veteran General William Jackson. Today, the college offers its students a wide array of more than 80 majors and minors. Respected programs at the college include neuroscience, biochemistry, and environmental science. The school also offers its students an interesting schedule in that classes are designed as “blocks” where students concentrate heavily in a single area for three and a half weeks rather than studying that topic for an entire semester that would otherwise take around three to four months.

Colorado College Accreditation Details

The North Central Association accredits Colorado College for the purpose of granting degrees, and the school’s programs are also accredited by regional and subject-specific accrediting organizations. For example, the Master’s in Arts Teaching (MAT) program has been given accreditation by the State of Colorado Board of Education.

Colorado College Application Requirements

Colorado College describes its application process as “holistic.” The admissions team bases acceptance on a variety of application materials including writing, unique talents, and personal qualities. Additionally, the school looks at traditional application materials like letters of recommendation, academic history, and test scores. The school notes that the writing submissions are very important to the application process because they offer the school’s admissions team a good look at a student’s communication and critical thinking skills.

Because the admission rate for Colorado College remains low, students may expect their admission materials to receive close examination. For example, the school suggests that students obtain recommendations from teachers in academic subject areas rather than from non-academic teachers like coaches. Further, the school encourages students to seek out valuable extracurricular activities, but they advise that students focus their time in a few key areas rather than participate in as many extracurricular activities as their schedules allow.

Although the materials aren’t required, the school recommends that students submit supplemental materials when applying to majors in the arts, including music, film, art, dance, and theater. Colorado College also offers students the opportunity for an interview. Like the supplemental art materials, an interview isn’t required, but it may help the school get a better idea of the applicant’s potential for success at Colorado College.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees at Colorado College for the 2015-16 school year are $48,996, and the room & board rate is $11,215. These rates represent an increase of 5.1% from the previous year. Students enrolled part-time pay per-block at a rate of $8,166 for each block. Since Colorado College is a private school, there is only a small difference between tuition charged for non-Colorado residents and the cost for residents of Colorado. Out-of-state students will pay a total cost of $63,600 for the academic year, and Colorado residents will pay an estimated $62,864 a year.

As an accredited school, Colorado College provides students the opportunity to apply for federal financial aid, as well as qualify for a variety of need-based financial aid and merit scholarships. The college offers financial aid to domestic applicants and also has a small number of grants and loans set aside for international applicants and transfer students. The average student will usually attend Colorado College with a variety of grants and federal loans. Some students may also earn money for college through work-study programs. To qualify for financial aid at the school, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as the College Board CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, which matches students with available grants.

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Degrees Available

Colorado College offers its students the choice of 42 different majors and 33 minors in subjects like anthropology, economics, geology, and neuroscience. Colorado College focuses primarily on offering undergraduate degrees; however, the school does offer the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), which is a 14-month program or a degree that may be completed during summer enrollment. Overall, Colorado College’s majors run the gamut from science to arts to humanities, which means students of many different interests may find their chosen major at the school.

For example, a student interested in majoring in science may want to investigate the college’s molecular biology program. The school offers a major and a minor in molecular biology, which is the study of organisms at the molecular level. At the conclusion of study in molecular biology, Colorado College suggests students will be prepared to enter graduate programs in similar areas, as well as embark on a career in the workforce. Classes required of the major include Studies in Molecular Biology, Epidemic & Infectious Disease, and Human Evolution.

Students interested in business and economics may want to look at the program offered by the Economics and Business Department. Students in the program have access to a variety of major-specific clubs like the Investment Club, which meets each week to discuss relevant topics, as well as the Student Advisory Board, which helps students with networking and research. Additionally, the department offers students the chance to receive a variety of awards for independent research including the Van Skilling Award, as well as several thesis awards.

Students with an aptitude for languages may think about looking at degrees from the Department of French and Italian. The department allows students to major in French or Italian, as well as to declare a major in Romance Languages. The college offers two immersion houses that help students fully immerse themselves in their chosen languages. One house focuses on the French language, and the other house offers focus in Italian and Arabic. Each house hosts anywhere from 12 to 25 students and staff members help students participate in community-building programs.

Attending college in Colorado is an excellent decision for students interested in the vibrant lifestyle of The Centennial State, as well as for students interested in attending college in a state with a strong economy. The unique block scheduling offered at Colorado College provides students with an alternative approach to learning, and the concentrated scheduling style provides a refreshing approach to higher education.