Colgate University, located in New York, features small classes that have a strong emphasis on student/faculty interaction. Colgate hosts a residential community that values all types of intellectual rigor. The staff at the university is dedicated to helping each student become perceptive leaders and critical, thoughtful thinkers. Colgate offers 54 majors as well as a wide array of minors all founded in a Liberal Arts Core Curriculum that is recognized as one of the most impressive in the country. Originally founded in 1819, this university is proud of its rich history and dedicated to helping each student achieve their academic goals. With just under 300 faculty members, there is no question that students here receive the one-on-one attention they need for success.

Colgate University Accreditation Details

Founded in 1819, Colgate University is a nationally known, private liberal arts college located in the central part of New York. It has maintained the accreditation it earned in 1921 with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The bachelor degree programs offered at the college have also received accreditation from the Teacher Education accreditation Council. This recognition was first received in 2007 and been maintained since that time.

Colgate University Application Requirements

The admission process at Colgate University is specifically designed to help identify a person’s cultural and intellectual diversity, their academic skill, and their background and interests. Students are selected from a pool of applications that come from all across the United States and the world.

A student’s academic achievement is an important consideration when it comes to being admitted and the college also values students with interests that show their excitement for intellectual pursuit. While the University does not have a GPA (grade point average) requirement to be admitted, it determines a potential student’s potential for success by evaluating the difficulty level of the coursework they took in high school, as well as the type of degree earned. According to records from the school, the average GPA for students admitted to graduate in 2015 was 3.75.

In order to apply to Colgate University, freshmen students need to send in their official high school transcript, a school report completed by the counselor, two evaluations from teachers, ACT and SAT scores, and a mid-year report that reflects the student’s academic success during their senior year.

Admissions for students who are transferring to the school are determined in a similar way. In order to apply, the student needs to provide the school with their official high school and college transcripts, evaluation from an instructor, standardized testing scores, a personal essay and a mid-term report. While the admission application for transfer students and freshmen can be filled out and submitted online, all of the other information must be mailed to the college admissions office. The admission standards at Colgate University are high, with only 33 percent of all applications being accepted.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Without financial aid, tuition at Colgate University is $51,635. There are also additional fees that must be paid, including a student activity fee of $320 and a one-time transcript fee of $50. If the student plans to live on campus, there are additional charges that must be paid. These charges include $6,310 for the traditional residence hall, $6,670 for Broad Street houses and $7,020 for the University townhouses or apartments. Meal plans also cost an additional fee and are required for first and second-year students.

There are several options for students who need help paying for tuition and associated costs. For example, Colgate University offers monthly payment plans, Federal Direct PLUS Loan options, the Tuition Prepayment Plan and the Tuition Refund Plan. Other options that can help cover the cost of tuition include Federal Direct Loans and campus employment.

Degrees Available

Colgate University offers 54 different majors to students. Here you will find some of the most popular degrees for students.


If students are interested in biology, the department offers the following majors in this field:

• Natural sciences
• Molecular biology
• Environmental biology
• Biology

The faculty in this department have expertise in a number of diverse areas, which includes molecular and cell biology, animal behavior, animal and plant physiology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary and organismal biology. The faculty members in this department are also extremely active in the field of research and often engage students in field projects or investigative laboratories.

Computer Science

Students who are in this department can major in computer science/mathematics or computer science. They may also opt to pursue a computer science minor. Colgate University was one of the very first colleges that established an independent program for computer science majors. This university is still considered a leader in teaching computer science to undergraduate students. When students study in this department, they will have the opportunity to learn from world-renowned faculty and even participate in graduate-level research while still in the undergraduate program. The faculty in this department is constantly engaged in research to continue acquiring NSF grants to support this research and fund the educational infrastructure activities and curriculum development.


This program allows students the chance to study human cultures and societies in the present and past. They will be challenged to participate in new research that takes all humans closer to understanding the values and social structures that shape the lives, social forces and institutions in society. This program offers students the chance to pursue a degree in anthropology or sociology as a minor or major. During the course, students will examine a wide array of subjects, including, medicine, popular culture, media, social inequality, cultural anthropology, archaeology and more. If a student is interested in learning more about virtually any aspect of society and human culture, then this is a program they should carefully consider.

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While quite a few students choose to work toward a minor or major in the department, faculty members also encourage students outside of the department to enroll in electives. This is one of the biggest and most popular degree programs for students who enroll in and attend Colgate University.