California State University Northridge was created by the State of California in the late 1950s. It is one of the largest public universities in the state. Over 38,000 students from all states and almost 100 countries attend the California State University system every year, which is made up of 23 independent campuses. Students who attend any one of these campuses will enjoy an easy transfer experience and expanded opportunities. The university has over 200,000 alumni spread across the country and globe. California State University Northridge, which is referred to as CSUN, is located in Los Angeles. There are over 2,100 faculty who teach 134 bachelor’s degrees and 70 master’s degrees.

The university’s Tseng College offers degrees to mid-career professionals that balance applied research with traditional scholarship. As a result, the degrees are rooted in both academic theory and the realities of the modern world. Faculty are professional practitioners who use structured curriculum, multiple perspectives and new field knowledge to integrate past experiences with educational pursuits. Teachers receive ongoing support and individualized training to ensure only the best online educational experiences. The university, which is near Hollywood, has a wide array of beautiful architecture. The main campus is a preferred filming location for movie and television productions. Some of the television shows that have used the university’s background include Chuck, Dexter, My Name Is Earl, American Idol and Arrested Development.

California State University Northridge Accreditation Details

The university is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). They are accredited by the State Board of Education. Most of the business programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The Student Health Center was the first program to be accredited by the American College Health Association. All art degree programs are accredited through the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

California State University Northridge Application Requirements

The application requirements depend on whether the degree is at the graduate or undergraduate level as well as an online or on-campus program. For instance, the online Master of Arts in Humanities program requires students have a bachelor’s degree in a regionally accredited institution with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. GRE scores in at least one section of the test must be in the upper 50th percentile. GRE scores are required if the GPA is below 3.0. On the other hand, students who apply to the online Master of Science in Engineering Management must have an undergraduate engineering degree. Qualified applicants who lack a technical degree in an engineering field must take additional preparatory classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition rates depend on the academic program. For example, the online Master of Science in Engineering Management costs $795 per unit. There are 33 units in this online program, so the overall tuition amount is $26,235. The online Master of Arts in Humanities costs $740 per unit, which means the 33 units will collectively cost $24,420. In order to be considered for any financial aid, students must first be admitted into California State University’s Northridge division. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who have been scholastically qualified through the university may qualify for financial aid through the online Tseng College. Financial aid recipients must maintain at least half-time enrollment to continue receiving loans. Undergraduate students may qualify for Cal Grants, Pell Grants, Subsidized Loans and Unsubsidized Stafford Loans. Graduate students may qualify for the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan program.

Online Degrees Available

California State University’s Northridge school maintains an active online programs that boasts 70 to 80 percent on-time graduation rates. The comprehensive impact of the online degree programs is continually enhanced by offering them in synchronized, collective formats. That is, groups of students move together through their degree program from beginning to end just like a traditional classroom. This creates an actively cohesive learning community that allows students to build relationships with their peers and teachers. Students feel socially and intellectually connected to one another, which increases their performance and satisfaction. The university’s online degrees are comprehensive learning experiences that create synergy between coursework and the real world through assignments, case studies, critical thinking and professional training. Each faculty member works directly with a member of the e-learning team to provide consultations, focus on best practices and implement effective instructional strategies.

The two-year online Master of Science in Engineering Management degree prepares engineers for leadership positions and helps them excel in senior project management roles. Due to the fact that engineering is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, technical firms need well-educated professionals who can lead innovative teams, create new solutions and give organizations competitive advantages. This degree teaches students how to implement agile responses to emerging opportunities and unexpected challenges. Students learn how to properly manage diverse talent, anticipate market needs and leverage engineering principles for projects. This degree will reshape students’ skills and knowledge to them transition from hands-on engineers into administrative managers. These professionals will fully understand the dynamics of global marketplaces and current technical and business aspects. Students will gain the project management skills needed to effectively lead people, manage resources, communicate openly and analyze technical data.

The online Master of Arts in Humanities is a mind-expanding degree for students of any age, background, career stage or area of expertise. These broad degree helps students become innovative thinkers who become the next generation of leaders in their communities and problem-solvers in their workplaces. This online degree is designed for students with interests in art, education, business, critical thinking and lifelong learning. This degree is an excellent choice for students who want to enjoy meaningful lives while keeping their career options open. This degree can be completed in just 20 months. All classes emphasize critical thinking, open discussion and analytical reflection. When these skills are combined together, students discover how to create holistic, effective and sustainable solutions in any area of interest and in any profession. Graduates become future employees who are intellectually flexible enough to use a wide set of conceptual skills to meet the needs of their organizations.

California State University Northridge also offers Masters of Science in Social Work, Communicative Disorders and Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services. There are three online Masters of Arts in public administration available. The specialization options include health administration, nonprofit sector management and public sector leadership. California State University Northridge is an excellent place to enjoy an excellent educational experience.