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Degree Programs at Anderson University

Anderson University appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration.

Anderson University believes in educating students in a way that lets them carry their faith with them and use their religious beliefs after they graduate. The university is home to the Falls School of Business, which offers a 100% online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. This accredited program features an orientation course that helps students understand how the online system works and what they need to do in their classes.

There is also a professional MBA program designed for executives and other professionals that allows students to take classes in Anderson, Indianapolis and other major cities in Indiana. Students will pick a concentration from one of eight fields, including human relations, accounting, healthcare leadership and new venture development. It follows a cohort model that includes 15-week courses that give students time to finish projects and other assignments. The university also offers a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and a 10-month MBA program.

To help students who want to teach but did not earn education degrees, Anderson University offers a Transition to Teaching program. Students will spend 10 months taking classes at night and doing fieldwork that immerses them in the teaching profession. They can also sign up for online classes and programs that help them teach students through online formats. Other graduate programs available from Anderson University include a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.

With more than 60 majors to choose from at the bachelor’s level, undergrads will have no problem finding a program that interests them. The university offers an athletic training program designed for students who want to train and coach athletes. They’ll take classes on kinesiology and exercise science as well as biology and health sciences. The Christian ministries program accepts students who already work for their churches and those who want to work in those positions. A Christian spiritual formation program is also available.

Anderson University can also enroll in a complimentary degree program and take classes from disciplines such as youth counseling, youth development, psychology, journalism, and music. This program shows students how they can use the skills they develop in one area in a different field. Both business and business information systems are part of this program. Though Anderson University has a strong reputation for its bachelor’s programs, it now offers an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice that students can complete in only two years. There is a bachelor’s program in criminal justice too that can prepare students for enrolling in law school or the police academy.

About Anderson University

Anderson University is a private university in the Indiana city of the same name. The Church of God in Anderson, Indiana started in 1881 as a holiness movement that believes in pacifism. As the children of members moved to other states and areas for school, the Church of God decided that it needed its own college that would emphasize its religious practices. That led to the Anderson Bible Training School opening in 1917. The needs of its students led to the school becoming the Anderson College and Theological Seminary in later years before adopting the Anderson College name and then Anderson University. The university now uses the names AU and Anderson and has an enrollment of nearly 1,900 students.

Anderson University Accreditation Details

AU has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which gave it regional accreditation. Not only can Anderson create packages with all the financial aid that students need, but it can accept any of the transfer credits students earned as a high school or college student. The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) granted accreditation to all its business degree programs, including both its professional and executive MBA options. Anderson also has accreditation for its music, athletic training, education, nursing, health sciences, theology and social work programs.

Anderson University Application Requirements

Unlike other colleges with a strict deadline, AU has a rolling admissions policy. Students can submit their applications whenever they want and begin classes at the start of the next session. The university will only accept applications submitted through its application website. Though there is an essay on this application, the university allows students to skip the essay if they think their applications are strong enough without it. Incoming undergrads will also provide a test score unless they are also bringing at least 12 college credits with them. After sending in their official transcripts, students can go online and put down a $100 enrollment deposit.

The application process for graduate students is much shorter. They will use a similar application, though this one does not have an essay on it. The university charges a $50 application fee that is due when the student completes the application. It also asks for three letters of recommendation. The references that students use will need to go online and complete an evaluation form that includes both a summary and a descriptive evaluation. This form asks for each reference to digitally sign and date the bottom of the page.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Anderson allows undergrads to choose between part-time and full-time enrollment. Part-time students will take up to 11 credits and pay $1,249 per credit hour. Full-time students pay $14,975 per semester and can take up to 18 credits. If they go above this amount, they will pay the same fee that part-time students pay per credit hour. Undergrads can also take summer classes for just $390 per credit hour. Graduate students pay $556 per credit hour for both the university’s degree and certificate programs. Anderson estimates that its students pay $600 a semester for textbooks. Its room and board plans start at $6,100 a year too.

The university now offers 15 scholarships and allows students to apply for more than one. AU merit scholarships award students between $6,000 and $16,000 a year based on their ACT/SAT scores and grades. The Church of God Minister’s Scholarship provides $1,000 to the children of ministers working for this church. AU will assign some scholarships to students based on their applications but requires that they apply for other scholarships. It also recommends that students apply for financial aid with the FAFSA as early as they can. All Anderson University academic programs accept financial aid packages that include institutional aid such as scholarships and government aid such as loans.