10 Best Online Degrees for Single Fathers

Being a single father is not easy, and sometimes it can seem like a barrier to advancing one’s career. However, getting an online degree is a great way to get around the constraints without losing time with your kids or giving up your job.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of degrees by convenience, job prospects, the special considerations of a single father’s life and availability online for single fathers who are looking for ways to get ahead and make a more effective contribution to their own and their children’s lives. Ambitious single fathers should consider that there’s a world of opportunity if they are willing to approach their continuing education wisely and in a practical manner.

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1. Construction Management

For single fathers who have experience in the construction industry, construction management could a great step up the ladder to a better, more lucrative career. Not only do construction managers make significantly more than laborers and technicians, they should have good job prospects as older managers retire, particularly when they have a degree in construction management. Fortunately for those who already have some experience in construction, people with both a degree and on-the-job experience have the best employment prospects. Pay for construction managers averages over $90,000 per year, so it is a lucrative field that provides a good lifestyle. Although some people with good work experience and an associate’s degree can get a job as a construction manager, it is increasingly important for new hires to have a bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, there are plenty of schools around the country that offer a degree in construction management, so if you’re interested in positioning yourself for the job, there are plenty of opportunities for finding a degree.

2. Accounting

If you’ve got a good head for math, accounting may be the right field for you. Single fathers who like to do books and can balance a budget could find accounting to be a great career option. Today, most accountants are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, so your first step toward becoming an accountant is to find a good school that offers an accounting degree. Average pay for accountants runs over $60,000 per year, so it’s well-compensated job with plenty of security — accountants are always in demand. Obtaining an accounting degree prepares students not only for the job, but for the very important certification process, which is necessary across the nation for all who wish to work as accountants.

3. Network Administration

Network administrators are responsible for running computer systems for organizations. People with good tech skills and an interest in computers may want to look into the career, because demand is quite high and job growth is expected to be significantly stronger than average. Average pay is almost $70,000 per year, and the overwhelming majority of network/systems administrators are fully employed. Both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees are offered in network administration, but it is most common for employers to hire those with bachelor’s degrees. To prepare yourself for a well-paid job as a network/systems administrator, you should find an accredited school that is certified by major tech companies, and educate yourself about the requirements and process. Obtaining a degree in network/systems administration is a good idea for the more technically inclined, and can lead to great pay and job opportunities.

4. Database Administration

Like network administration, database administration is a job that is predicted to have explosive growth over the next decade, and the average salary is a very reasonable $73,000 per year. Database administrators are typically expected to have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field, but your best bet is to get a database administration degree offered by a quality school. Fortunately, online degrees in database administration are offered at a number of technically-oriented schools that offer certification with major tech companies, such as Microsoft and Cisco. Because database administration is a very important job in today’s high-tech world, classes cover design, security, performance analysis and a number of other key concepts regarding database administration. Single fathers who have a knack with programming and an interest in tech should consider a database administration degree, asd it could offer them an opportunity to make a very comfortable living.

5. Diesel Mechanic

Single fathers who like to work with machines and know how to troubleshoot engines may want to consider becoming diesel mechanics. One of the advantages of being a diesel mechanic is that one can find work just about anywhere, from an Alaskan fishing port to a Midwestern farm, so no matter where your kids are you can be fairly sure to find work. Although becoming a diesel mechanic used to be a matter of learning on the job, employers now prefer hiring people with postsecondary education. For a diesel mechanic, an associate’s degree is sufficient to land a good job, but some may want to gain extra certification so as to work with particular types of engines, such as large marine engines, truck engines, etc. If you’re a single father who already has some mechanical experience and wants to complete a degree in two years, a diesel mechanic associate’s degree may be a good idea.

6. Criminal Justice

Single fathers with a military background, or who like to protect the community, may find themselves drawn to police work. A good first step to becoming a police officer is obtaining a criminal justice degree. Criminal justice degrees are typically two-year programs that prepare potential police officers for the technicalities of the job, such as Constitutional law, state law and civil rights law. Average yearly pay for a police officer is just over $55,000 per year, and police tend to have great job security, union support and benefits. Not everyone is cut out to be a cop, but police officers are a necessity in today’s society and those who perform the job can have some confidence in the fact that they are doing a great deal of good for the communities they serve. A single father who works as a police officer after obtaining a criminal justice degree can make his kids proud, and they’ll know their father is doing right by them and the community.

7. Engineering

A single father who knows he’s got an imaginative mind and good math and science skills should look into obtaining an engineering degree. Engineering encompasses a lot of different disciplines, but the first step to becoming an engineer is to get started on the degree. Once fully immersed in the field of engineering, a lot of options open up to the dedicated student. An engineering degree is probably a good idea for a single father who may have begun postsecondary education, but still hasn’t made up his mind. Once you take a look at the opportunities, you may decide it’s exactly what you want to become. Some engineering degrees, such as aerospace or civil engineer technician, and drafting only require an associate’s, but the majority are four-year degrees. Generally, the more education an engineering job requires the better it pays, but petroleum engineers are very well compensated with a bachelor’s degree. For the right kind of single father, engineering could become a lifelong passion, and it’s a great way to introduce your kids to the world of science and technology.

8. Physical Therapist

If you enjoy helping people get better after injuries, recover from surgery or simply improve their quality of life, becoming a physical therapist is a great way to do so and make a good living. Physical therapists are well-paid, at over $76,000 per year on average, and can expect great job security as the population ages and has more need for licenses physical therapists. A degree in physical therapy is a professional degree, and mainly postgraduate, generally taking two to three years to complete. However, some schools incorporate physical therapy into undergraduate programs, allowing the degree to be obtained at least in part before graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree. Being a physical therapist is something of a physical job itself; as a hands on profession it requires some strength combined with a human touch. Many single fathers should already have a good deal of experience with that, so it’s a good option for the single father who wants to have a comfortable, well-compensated job in the health field without spending the long years required to become a physician. Single fathers with a background in biology or medicine are probably best suited to this job, and veterans may find it particularly appealing.

9. Computer Science

People who are interested in programming and software, and who are considering jobs in the industry, should look into getting computer science degrees. Single fathers who have an interest in programming and have gained some proficiency may want to capitalize on their talent by making it official with a computer science degree. In doing so, they will be trained in the theory and basics of programming, logic and computation, data structures and computer architecture among others. Median pay for programmers/software developers is quite high, running over $90,000 per year, and the job outlook is excellent. Furthermore, it is an exceedingly wide field, with applications in everything from entertainment to defense, so job opportunities can be found in a very wide range of companies. Single fathers who have a good head for math and a love of computers can turn their skills and passion toward making a great living for themselves and their children as software developers. For many of them, all that’s standing in the way is a computer science degree.

10. Pharmacy

Pharmacists fill prescriptions, check for contraindications and advise patients on drug side effects, among other tasks. Given how tricky medicine and drug interaction can be, it’s an important job, and because of this it pays very well. Like Physical therapy, it is a growing occupation due to the aging of our population, and the job outlook is very good. Even better, it pays very well: the average hourly wage for a pharmacist is almost $54, which comes out to well over $100,000 per year. A Pharmacy degree is a professional degree, and requires undergraduate classes in chemistry, biology and anatomy. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree generally takes four years to complete, and most students must take an entrance test called the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). However, if you can pass that bar, the profession compensates very nicely. A single father with some undergraduate background in science and medicine may want to look into obtaining a pharmacy degree online, as it could be the path to a very lucrative career and very solid employment security.