5 Great Podcasts for Nurse Practitioners

  • The Nurse Keith Show
  • Nursing Show Podcast
  • Real Talk School of Nursing
  • Evidence Based Nursing
  • Good Nurse Bad Nurse

With the world of healthcare always changing, many nurse practitioners struggle to stay up to date on the trends of the field. It is difficult to find time in between shifts for professional development and continued learning. Podcasts are the ideal solution. They make it not only possible to learn on the go, but also enjoyable. These are five great podcasts that nurse practitioners can tune into for free.

1. The Nurse Keith Show

Nurse Keith Carlson has a great deal of experience under his belt. He holds several nursing degrees, and he has held a wide variety of nurse practitioner roles. His latest endeavor is to pass on all of his knowledge and experience to other nurse practitioners who wish to make the most of their own careers. The Nurse Keith Show is like a crash course in career development created especially for nurse practitioners. This is an excellent option for those who are looking to take the next step in their nurse practitioner careers.

2. Nursing Show Podcast

Nursing Show Podcast combines all the latest information in nursing into one entertaining podcast series. Each episode covers a different topic of current interest in the field. Host Jamie Davis offers information, commentary, and an inside experience of conversation with other experienced leaders in the field. Tuning into this podcast will benefit everyone from nursing students to the most seasoned nurse practitioners.

3. Real Talk School of Nursing

Every nurse practitioner can relate to the feeling of being blindsided by the real world of nursing. There are simply some things that nursing school alone can never prepare you for. That is where Real Talk School of Nursing comes to the rescue. Hosts Ben and Greg are nurse practitioners by day and hilarious podcast personalities by night. Or perhaps their day and night roles are switched, depending on which wild shift schedule they are working, which is one of the many relatable topics they cover. This is a great choice for recovering from tough shifts and preparing for upcoming challenges.

4. Evidence-Based Nursing

To maintain successful careers, it is crucial that all nurse practitioners remain current on the highest quality research from the field. Evidence-Based Nursing offers enjoyable and understandable breakdowns of cutting-edge findings on a wide range of topics. This is great for nurse practitioners who are stumped by a case, students preparing for their nursing exams, and anyone looking to conduct research of their own.

5. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

One of the best parts of nursing are the incredible stories you witness. Some are cringe-worthy, and others restore faith in humanity. Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a collection of both. This podcast serves up valuable information and learning opportunities, disguised as pure entertainment. The horror stories remind nurse practitioners that they are part of a community and no matter what they are going through at work today, someone else has been there. The uplifting stories remind them why they face their occupational hazards day after day.

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Every nurse practitioner must put in effort outside of the hospital room or clinic in order to be their best. No one ever said that had to be boring or take up unnecessary time. These five podcasts for nurse practitioners are as entertaining as they are informative.