Earning an organizational development degree opens doors to more fulfilling and lucrative careers. This endeavor involves an enormous commitment of time and financial investment. Earning awards helps students limit the amount of money they must pay for school out of pocket or through loans. Applying for these organizational development scholarships also helps present and future students make some important decisions about the focus and even the institutions where they will pursue their studies.

Institutional Scholarships

Some scholarships are offered by specific schools to their current and prospective students. Looking at these scholarships helps students who are undecided about where to pursue their organizational development degrees.

  • The Argosy Leadership Scholarship Program, offered by Argosy University provides full- and half-tuition to students seeking a variety of degrees related to organizational development. Eligible applicants must be currently employed by an organization affiliated with Center for Nonprofit Management. They must submit an essay covering their interests in the field, as well as a reference letter from the CEO of the organization.
  • The F.E. and Jonnie Peterson Scholarship is offered by Colorado State University. The award totals $1,500 and is given annually. Students in all academic years and interested in any area of the field are invited to apply. Eligible applicants must hold a GPA of 3.5 or higher, demonstrate leadership skills and commitment to community service, and submit a two-page essay and two letters of recommendation.

IOM National Scholarship Program

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Organizational Management (IOM) present the IOM National Scholarship Program. This $500 award, granted to several first year students annually, applies straight to program tuition. Eligible applicants may work for any organization within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. They must also demonstrate financial need and submit a resumé and two letters of recommendation. Winners will also demonstrate strong leadership, professionalism, and commitment to community service.

Virtual Organizational Management Institute Scholarships

As with most fields, organizational development is rapidly expanding into the virtual arena. For this reason, the Virtual Organizational Management Institute (VOMI) offers several scholarships for a wide variety of students.

  • The Joseph A. Coupet, Sr. Scholarship and the VOMI Circle of Excellence Scholarship are merit based awards. They are grated to students who demonstrate academic excellence and advanced goals within the field. They cover full or partial tuition.
  • The Virtual Organization Management Institute Scholarship is need based. Students must demonstrate severe financial need as well as a commitment to their studies. This award will cover full tuition for two years.
  • VOMI also offers scholarships for students from special populations, such as active and veteran members of the Military, their families, and Latin American students.

For many students, scholarships mean the difference between dreams and reality. Organizational development scholarships such as these were designed to assist students in the pursuit of education and careers in this emerging and valuable field. There is an award among them for every type of student.