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The Western New England University is a small private university in Massachusetts that has its flagship campus in Springfield. Established in 1919 as an extension of Northeastern College, it offered just three programs in business, accounting and law. Classes met at night in a branch of the YMCA in the city. Called the Springfield Division of Northeastern College for more than three decades, it wasn’t until 1951 that it became its own school. Then called Western New England College, the school established its own campus in Springfield and began offering traditional college programs that featured daytime classes. It became Western New England University in 2011 and now uses that name and WNEU.

WNEU saw its enrollment grow substantially in the 1960s and 1970s, which was when the university introduced new degree programs. It also established a College of Arts and Sciences for students who did not want to study business. The university later added professional programs and schools that allow students to major in fields such as law and medicine. There are now five colleges within the university that offer more than 50 programs across all levels. The enrollment at Western New England University now includes more than 3,900 students.

Western New England University Accreditation Details

Some graduate students may already have credits that they earned before they enroll in WNEU that they want to transfer into a degree program. Those students can do so because the university has regional accreditation, which comes from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC accreditation also meets one of the requirements for obtaining federal financial aid. Western New England also has accreditation for its law, pharmacy education, social work, engineering and business programs.

Western New England University Application Requirements

WNEU designed a graduate school application that students can complete in approximately an hour. Those who have questions while working on their application can contact the university’s graduate admissions board over the phone. First-time users must create a new account, which requires an email address, full name and date of birth. Once a student completes this step, he or she can create a password to use with that site. When students log in later, they can pick up where they left off on the application. It includes sections that ask for basic information about when they completed or will finish a bachelor’s degree and if they have any professional experiences.

Graduate students applying to some programs must take the GMAT. The university has a waiver form that students can complete and submit, which will waive this requirement. To qualify for a waiver, a student must have a transcript that shows he or she took at least six credits of graduate courses and maintained a 3.0 or higher in those courses and that the student completed a bachelor’s degree program from a school with regional accreditation and maintained a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Students will also have their references fill out the recommendation forms available online and submit those forms to WNEU.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Every graduate program in the Western New England University College of Business charges the same rate for its classes. Business majors will pay $849 per credit hour or $2,545 per class. This brings the total cost of completing a graduate business degree program up to around $25,000. It costs around $10,000 to finish one of the business certificate programs available from the university. Students enrolled in a College of Arts and Sciences program will pay at least $370 per credit hour. The university’s most expensive graduate program is its Master of Arts in Communication, which charges a rate of $792 per credit hour.

WNEU offers an employer reimbursement extension plan for students receiving money from their employers. This allows students to pay just one-third of the amount due each semester. The university does not require that they pay the remaining balance until one month after they receive their grades, which gives them time to get the money from their employers. The university also allows students to make payments with loans they get from the federal government or other lenders. Federal loans will go directly to the university, but students will need to submit private and alternative loans on their own.

Online Degrees Available

Graduate students often enroll in part-time degree programs because they work full-time jobs. WNEU offers a number of online graduate programs that help students save time and keep up with their work commitments. One of those programs is its Master of Arts in Communication, which is available with a public relations concentration for online students. This program features 11-week classes that run throughout the school year and during the summer. It includes courses such as Principles and Practices of Public Relations, Crisis Management and Public Relations and Ethics in Public Communication.

Teachers currently working in the field and those who want to work in other areas of education may find the university’s Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction appealing. Available from its College of Arts and Sciences, this program looks at the ways in which teachers interact and work with their students and the type of work done in schools across the country. Students can choose between the elementary track and the secondary track depending on the ages of their own students. Both programs feature 30 credits of online courses, including Research for Teachers, Mentoring and Professional Development and Assessment Theory and Design.

The university’s College of Business offers a Master of Business Administration for online students too. Though many students will only take online classes, they also have the option of taking some traditional courses at night. The university offers four concentrations for MBA students: public relations, leadership, accounting and business law. Regardless of their concentrations, they will take courses such as Business and its Environment, Marketing Management, Decision Modeling for Analytics and Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Though the university offers 37 different graduate degree programs, only a small number of those programs are available online. Some of those programs come from its School of Law such as LLM in Elder Law and Estate Planning. There is also a dual program for students who want to earn an MBA and a law degree. Any prospective student can view the degree programs at Western New England University before they apply.