Degrees Offered at Saint Xavier University

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SXU offers majors and minors, as well as undergraduate and graduate-level studies. The school offers these programs through three individual colleges that operate under the university umbrella: The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Nursing and Health and the Graham School of Management.

It boasts numerous popular degree tracks. These include the school’s degree programs in marketing, psychology, biomedical sciences and biology, business and education. SXU offers both online and on-campus classes. It also has programs that allow students to complete their unfinished degrees.

Additionally, students who want to participate in a university-level honors program can do so at Saint Xavier. This program connects motivated students with a thematic curriculum that’s meant to provide program participants with interdisciplinary studies and training. This program also makes participants eligible for an exchange at Oxford.

About Saint Xavier University

Saint Xavier University is a Catholic university based in Chicago, Illinois. It was originally founded as a women’s college in the mid-1800s by the Sisters of Mercy. The school’s original name was the Saint Francis Xavier Female Academy. That eventually became Saint Xavier College and finally, Saint Xavier University.

It is an excellent school and regularly receives nods from the US News and World Report. Currently, the school ranks 34th on US News’ Best Value Schools list, 61st on its Regional Universities Midwest list, and 38th on its Best Colleges for Veterans list. Class sizes are small: The student-to-faculty ratio is around 15:1.

SXU holds events throughout the year to welcome students and to keep them engaged in their studies. These events include Welcome Week, the RSO Fair, Homecoming, the Spirit of Mercy Day, Women’s History Month, Black History Month and Finals Breakfast.

New students are encouraged to participate in First Year Experience to help them become acclimated to college life. Opportunities to meet new friends happen year-round. Students can make new friends by attending a pizza party in their dorm, by getting involved in a campus club and by attending class and other required events.

Saint Xavier University Accreditation

Saint Xavier University receives its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. University accreditation is based on a number of requirements. These include requiring an educational institution to have a commitment to providing quality education to its students, to act with integrity as an institution, and to fulfill its mission.

Saint Xavier University Application Requirements

Saint Xavier University admits undergraduate and graduate students into its programs. Students are given a number of ways to apply on the SXU’s website. All applications are online and are pretty straightforward. Additionally, SXU gives students the option to apply via the Common Application, which is an application that allows students to apply to over 800 member colleges and universities using a single application. These colleges are in the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Canada.

As for Saint Xavier students, the undergraduate application is broken down into three sections: About You, Academics, and Final Steps. Students must fill this form out all the way to the end in order to apply.

Additionally, the university takes some of the stress out of applying but not requiring students to pay an application fee. They’re also not required to submit any recommendation letters or any essay. Applying to the school automatically puts students into consideration for scholarships.

SXU has a separate application for transfer and adult students. Students who have already attended some college should use this application to apply to the university.

The university advises international students to contact SXU before they apply to any programs. These students should talk to the university about visa and English-language test requirements before applying.

Students who received an invitation to apply from Saint Xavier can apply by following the link in the email that the university sent to them.

Saint Xavier University has a number of graduate programs. Each of these programs has its own application. Students are advised to reach out to the academic department to which they wish to submit their applications if they have any questions.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time undergraduate students at Saint Xavier University pay $33,300 per year in tuition: This assumes that students take between 12 and 18 credit hours per semester. If they opt for part-time, the cost of attendance is by the credit hour, which is just over $500 as of this writing.

Full-time Nursing students pay a different price. Their tuition costs $34,250 per year, while the students in the Nursing ABSN program pay $49,900 per year.

University fees can run several thousand dollars per year. Some courses also have fees, which range from $25 to $75 or more.

Housing costs can run up to $9,000 a year, depending on where students live. Meals range anywhere from just under $4,000 per year up to $5,000 per year.

Saint Xavier charges graduate students by the credit hour, and the costs for their programs range from $575 per credit hour up to $999 per credit hour. University-wide fees run between $500 and $600. Some graduate-level courses come with additional fees, ranging in price from $50 at the lowest to $220 at the highest.

SXU offers students a number of different financial aid options, which students can qualify for by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Undergraduate students can qualify for federal and private loans. They can also receive work-study, grants and scholarships.

The financial aid options above are also open to graduate students, who can additionally receive graduate assistantships to help pay for the costs of their education. Graduate assistantships come in the form of administrative, practice, research or teaching assistantships. These are determined by individual departments.

Outside scholarship opportunities include the Alumni Loyalty Scholarship, the GWC Injury Lawyers Annual Scholarship, 4H scholarships and Rotary Club scholarships to name but a few. University-wide scholarships include the Mercy Scholarship Program, the Class of 2010 Book Scholarship and University Merit Scholarships. There are also scholarships specifically for students who would like to study abroad.

Finally, students who would like assistance can attend workshops on campus to learn more about federal financial aid and declaring a major.

Future students can apply to Saint Xavier University on the SXU’s website.