Top 10 Schools for Affordable Online Business Degrees

In today’s economy, it can be difficult for many to attend a traditional university full time. Many are opting for the online distance education choice because it offers flexibility and is often more affordable than its brick and mortar counterpart.

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There are many universities from which to choose including both online only institutions and traditional universities that have entered the online market. There are universities in both categories that offer quality programs at affordable prices. This list of cheap online business degrees is focused on both affordability, credibility, and quality.

Ranking the Most Affordable Online Business Schools

All of the schools on this list are regionally accredited meaning they meet the highest standards of education in the United States. The list is ordered from lowest to highest cost but even the highest costing schools on this list are well below the average price.

#1 – Western Governors University

Tuition: $2,890/6 month term

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Summary: Western Governors University is one of the most consistently affordable online universities. The pricing program at WGU allows students to pay by the term instead of per credit which means the faster you complete the programs, the less you pay. WGU offers a wide variety of BS in Business degrees covering all the major areas of study and has partnerships with many large companies that give input into curriculum design methods.

#2 – Thomas Edison State College

Tuition: $5,322/year in state, $7,837/year out of state

Summary: Thomas Edison State College offers a general array of business programs and remains one of the most affordable and reputable online schools for students living in or out of the state of New Jersey. also listed TESC BSBA programs as a best buy, and it is easy to see why. TESC also accepts 100% of transfer credits that fit into the course requirements for your given degree, it is even possible for students to transfer an entire degree into the university if they have accumulated enough credits from various institutions. Students may also “CLEP out of” unlimited amounts of classes. This level of flexibility is virtually unheard of.

#3 – Southern New Hampshire University

Tuition: $320/credit

Summary: With 24/7/365 access to classes for the students, award winning business programs, and an affordable price tag, SNHU presents a compelling case for consideration when looking at affordable business programs. The program also allows for flexibility in transfer credits, accepting up to 90 credits in transfer, which is quite a bit more than many other institutions.

#4 – American InterContinental University

Tuition: $302/credit

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Summary: AIU offers a wide variety of BBA specializations allowing students to focus on specific aspects of business education. All of their business programs, regardless of degree level, are accredited by the ACBSP, one of the top accreditation agencies for business programs in the country. AIU’s focus is to provide programs to their students that will give them strong opportunities in today’s difficult economic climate.

#5 – Colorado Technical University

Tuition: $305/credit

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Summary: CTU offers flexibility to its students in every possible way. There are a plethora of concentrations for their BSBA programs, there are also dedicated BS programs to specific business areas such as accounting, finance, management, and project management. The CTU approach also allows students to learn in the way that best suits their individual learning style and provides students with real life case studies where a group of them, assigned different roles is given a challenge to solve. CTU is dedicated to innovating distance learning and taking it to the next level where possible.

#6 – Capella University

Tuition: $350/upper division credit, 290/lower division credit

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Summary: Capella University is a prominent name in online distance education. The high quality of programs, global faculty and affordable costs make them one of the best choices in the world of online distance education. Their business students benefit from diverse viewpoints, enjoying classes with faculty and other students from all over the globe. One of the great benefits of distance education in business at Capella is that they take the opportunity afforded by the nature of distance education to make their programs as diverse as possible to reflect the global nature of modern business.

#7 – Liberty University

Tuition: $365/credit part time, $304/credit full time

Summary: Liberty is one of the frontrunners of Christian universities offering online degree programs. The BBA program at Liberty offers a business program with an emphasis training effective business leaders and people of integrity. You pay less if you opt for full time enrollment, but even the higher cost per credit for the part time program is still affordable.

# 8 – Ashford University

Tuition: $402/credit

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Summary: Ashford University is one of the leaders in online distance education, bringing the quality of their brick and mortar institution to the web. The cost is affordable and the programs are strong. The school allows 90 transfer credits which makes it a strong choice for those looking to complete their degree at a flexible pace and affordable rate. Their business programs consist of a wide array of subjects, allowing students to focus on exactly which area of business they plan to be involved with after graduation.

#9 – Herzing University

Tuition: $300/credit full time, $460/credit part time

Summary: From business management to entrepreneurial studies, Herzing University is devoted to the success of their students during and after the completion of their degree. Herzing focuses on teaching students in a way that will allow them to apply their knowledge as they learn it, ideal for the working professional looking to advance in his or her field. The affordable cost and flexibility offered by this university makes it an attractive choice for those interested in acquiring that business degree and advancing in their profession.

#10 – University of Massachusetts

Tuition: $475/credit

Summary: One of the top names in state schools, UMass has made a strong entrance into the distance education market. They offer a wide array of programs, and their business programs are some of the best available. The cost is relatively low and the quality of the degree and the reputation of the name behind it make this one of the best available choices for those seeking an online business degree along with a strong name behind their diploma.

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