Top 10 Colleges for Affordable Online Information Technology Degrees

Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, with five of the top ten fastest growing jobs being in the IT field. In this economy, students are facing difficult choices in regard to what to study because simply having a college degree is no longer a guarantee of a job. Cost is another major factor in deciding where to go to college. Room and board can be very expensive in addition to tuition costs, and thus the online option is more and more a top choice among students. To many it feels perfectly natural to study via online distance learning classes.

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Ranking the Top Schools for an Affordable Online Information Technology Degree

The institutions on this list demonstrate that it’s possible to get a quality online information technology degree from a reputable university without breaking the bank. All of these colleges are regionally accredited and are ranked according to affordability.

#1 – Western Governors University

Tuition: $2,890/6mo term

Summary: WGU is a school founded on the concept of providing quality online education at affordable prices. Their pricing methods make it one of the cheapest overall, and the absolute cheapest if the student can take a large course load as the price is by term instead of by credit, so the more credits a student takes, the less money spent. They bring a quality program to all of their degrees and the IT degree is no exception.

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The programs are flexible both in scheduling and focus with many concentrations available. Additionally the student will pursue and receive fifteen of the major certifications recognized by the industry giving them a powerful competitive edge and the cost of certification is included in the tuition.

#2 – Southern New Hampshire University

Tuition: $320/credit

Summary: The information technology degree at SHNU is taught by instructors with copious amounts of real world IT experience. The degree follows the business track (as opposed to the liberal arts track) ensuring that students will learn not only the ins and outs of Information Technology, but also acquire essential business skills and knowledge that will prepare them for utilizing their technological skills in a business setting.

#3 – American Intercontinental University

Tuition: $302/credit

Summary: AIU is serious about training skilled professionals for the Information Technology workforce. Their programs offer specialized knowledge of specific areas of the IT field according to concentration. Each program educates the students on the essential information to performing IT tasks, understanding network design and infrastructure and other knowledge necessary to perform at a high level in the field.

#4 – Colorado Technical University

Tuition: $305/credit

Summary: CTU offers extensive specializations in their Information Technology programs allowing students to focus on their specific area of interest, whether that be management, or the day to day challenge of keeping a network safe, secure, and operational.

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CTU offers their programs at a very affordable price and the flexibility of their programs is unmatched as they cater not only to their students’ busy schedules, but also to all of the major learning styles, ensuring that you can learn not only the subject of your choice, but choose how you want to learn it as well.

#5 – Capella University

Tuition: $350/upper division credit, $290/lower division credit

Summary: Capella recognizes that five of the top ten fastest growing jobs requiring bachelor’s degrees are in the IT field and they offer an interesting program for those seeking such a degree.

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They have one program instead of many, but it is highly customizable allowing the student to pick and choose from a variety of classes and making the degree as general or focused as the student desires.

#6 – Colorado State University

Tuition: $350/credit

Summary: A strong program offered by a state university at an affordable price makes the program at CSU stand out among the many online programs available. CSU is focused on offering a competitive degree at an affordable price that will effectively prepare students to enter the IT workforce.

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These days, when so many have degrees, it can be difficult to stand out but having the name of a state university backing your degree can be a strong start in building an attractive resume.

#7 – Herzing University

Tuition: $300/credit full time, $460/credit part time

Summary: Herzing’s focus is on preparing IT security professionals for the many challenges faced in today’s increasingly complex and varied environment. There are few business out there that do not run on basic computer networks and are at the very least connected to the internet. Even basic networks and connectivity breeds a wealth of challenges for businesses of all kinds and Herzing prepares students to face these challenges. The cost is affordable, though the part time option is more expensive in the long run that the full time option, this is still one of the most affordable universities available.

#8 – University of Massachusetts

Tuition: $475/credit

Summary: UMass offers a wide array of IT programs from bachelor’s programs, to second bachelor’s programs to certificate programs. This recognized and respected state school offers top of the line education at affordable prices and is one of the best choices available to students looking to earn an online degree in the IT field.

#9 – Penn State University

Tuition: $495/credit

Summary: Penn State is one of the most recognizable and respected state universities in the country.They offer a strong online program in Information Sciences and Technology. The program is geared specifically toward working professionals with the understanding that learning is the key to staying relevant in the world of Information Technology. A student with Penn State’s online program will benefit from the academic rigor of the university while attaining a career focused degree.

#10 – Walden University

Tuition: $280/quarter credit, $100/credit hour for fundamentals courses

Summary: Walden has a strong history as one of the first and best online distance educators in the country. Their programs are good, their methods are fine tuned, flexible, and affordable. All of these things make them a good choice when considering online institutions.

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Their IT program offers a wealth of concentrations. The IT faculty sports strong credentials and diverse global experience.

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